Former Black Sabbath Bassist Dave "The Beast" Spitz Is a Lawyer by Day, War Pig by Night

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Halloween really is the most special time of the year for many, but for most metal fans, the holiday takes on a uniquely special glow. There's an indelible connection between heavy metal's cartoonish nature and shock values and Halloween that can be difficult to pin down, but exists as a constant regardless. Horror films and heavy metal are the peanut butter and jelly of entertainment, really.

Whatever the case may be, If you're too old or have too much pride to trick or treat, there's a veritable cornucopia of party options for South Floridians this evening, and while those may be overwhelming, we suggest the area's metal fans head over to Nectar at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek to catch a show by one of the most authentic Black Sabbath tributes ever, War Pigs, which features a former member of Sabbath and Deerfield Beach resident, Dave Spitz.

Dave "The Beast" Spitz has really seen it all over his years in heavy metal. The bassist came up in the same New York metal scene that birthed the East Coast's answer to California's thrash revolution in the '80s. He's been a member of underground thrash/hardcore heroes Nuclear Assault, his kid brother, Dan Spitz, is the former (and most important) lead guitarist Anthrax ever had, and Dave was also previously a member of White Lion and Great White when they were both at their peaks of success.

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Slash Keeps Rock and Roll Alive at Hard Rock Live on August 29

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Jeffrey Delannoy

It's certainly a cliche to say rock 'n' roll will never die, but these oft repeated truisms exist for a reason -- they ain't all wrong. Rock might morph, the aesthetic applied may forever be in a state of glorious flux, but it will always survive.

More importantly, it will always survive with similar motivations to those that spawned it: A good time above all, a bit of rebellion, and the pursuit of infinite youth. This era is a rather scary one for the genre in the classic sense. We're losing our original rocking heroes on a daily basis.

But at least we still have Slash, a true icon and a vigilant keeper of the rock 'n' roll flame.

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Strutter USA's Rob Budowsky Brings Rock and Roll to Hollywood

Stacy Budowsky

Strutter USA's Rob Budowsky just wants to see everyone have a good time.

Budowsky brought together his duality as a successful CPA and serious rock 'n' roll fan by moving much of his business into the entertainment sector and becoming the CPA of choice and a financial advisor of sorts to many of the artists currently making waves in the garage-rock, punk, and psych worlds.

Since last October, Budowsky has taken it upon himself to shoulder the responsibility of bringing some of these artists to South Florida for the first time, and worked hard to dispel the notion that South Florida is a pointless risk for artists other than metal bands to tour.

While most of Budowsky's bookings have gone off with smashing style at our beloved and sadly changing Churchill's Pub in Miami, he himself is a resident and champion of Hollywood Beach and is hoping to foster a new era of fun in his hometown. He'll do this with his latest venture, a free show featuring two of the most hyped artists to come from the recent proliferation of new garage rockers, Bleached, from LA, and Miami's own Jacuzzi Boys.

We spoke with the CPA/Promoter/musician about how things have changed for him since October, staying positive amid negativity, and why tomorrow's Bleached gig could potentially be the first of many awesome dates to hit Broward County's shores.

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Black Fridays Move to Miami; "Couldn't Find the Right Fit" in Fort Lauderdale

Ian Witlen

For a little over a year, Mike Linder filled Green Room with dark dance tunes and a crowd that loves the nighttime with Black Fridays. The weekly Fort Lauderdale party featured everything from suspension piercing and girls using power tools on their crotches, to folks dressed up like dead celebs and comic book characters. But after the news came that Green Room is shifting to become Stache, Linder announced that Black Fridays are moving from Green Room to Vagabond in Miami.

The split was amicable though. Linder says, "I actually had a really good experience there. I have no ill will toward them." But after some miscommunication, it became clear he would start looking for another venue. He found Black Fridays' new home very far from his own Boca home, in Miami.

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Vanilla Ice Goes Amish on DIY Network Doesn't Sound Too Bad

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Vanilla Ice's successful transition from ridiculous rapper to industrious reality television star has been a work of delicate, but impressive, marketing brilliance.

Rob Van Winkle has enjoyed three seasons of renovating and flipping Palm Beach County houses on the DIY Network as the star of the Vanilla Ice Project. But, as it turns out, a rapper-gone-"metal"-gone-DIY is far too normal for Ice. The time has come to spice things up a bit. So, Rob's going to lay down his power tools and learn how to build stuff from a community of Amish people in Ohio on Vanilla Ice Goes Amish. Keep in mind, these folks will not be watching the show they'll be starring in. But it doesn't seem like a totally bad idea.

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The Cult's Ian Astbury Spits Water at Crowd Texter and Talks "Selfies" at Revolution Live


Better than: Flying to New York for a Killing Joke show and having the band cancel last minute.

The Cult's frontman, Ian Astbury, is a firm believer in the sanctity of music in a live setting. In a time when more than a handful of the Cult's contemporaries are happy to press "play" on a series of canned backing tracks, wallow about in their history on stage, and take your money, the Cult has managed to make each show a truly special and unique experience. Last night's Revolution Live show was rife with the sort of unexpected moments that just don't seem to happen at rock shows anymore. The walls and corridors were lined with the Cult's faithful flock. They gathered to pay homage to one of the band's most revered works, Electric, and to bask in the presence of a proper rock band reaching for a higher vibration.

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- The Cult's Ian Astbury on Pitchfork Media: "What Are Their Credentials?"

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Johnny Marr's Top 10 Most Unexpected Musical Moments

As the rain falls hard on this (occasionally) humdrum town, fans of the Smiths have reason to rejoice! This week, Mr. Johnny Marr announced a Fort Lauderdale date on his impending U.S. tour.

While Marr is best known as Morrissey's former songwriting foil in the Smith's, the guitarist's keene sense of melody and unexpected guitar textures have become as synonymous with the band's sound as Morrissey's ever-so-dramatic croon and pomp. Johnny Marr is considered by many to be the ultimate guitar anti-hero, circumventing the raucous distortion and over-the-top fretboard athletics that marked guitar trends in the '80s to forge a sound uniquely his own.

Marr has had a far more prolific career than many fans may realize, stemming far deeper than his integral part in crafting those world-shaking Smiths albums. In fact, Marr has provided his services as a guitarist, songwriter, and sideman for so many other acts since his time with the Smiths, that we have decided to put together a list of some of our favorite tracks from Marr's storied career in celebration of the show announcement. Enjoy!

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Emilie Autumn Brings Circus Goth Cabaret to Revolution Live, January 21

Emilie Autumn is the world's leading goth steampunk violinist. 
For the past six or seven decades of North American popular culture as we know it, it has been sufficient for creative types to pick a set of motifs, a broad set of thematics, or an aesthetic school of influence, and then charge head first into the fray.

But in two-thousand-and-fucking-thirteen -- the over-informed, over-stimulated age of the Internet -- that's not enough.

Sorry, Tony Jabroni. Haven't you heard that "genre is obsolete" and the name of the game (see also: the only way to blip on some digital trend aggregate wormhole feed) is cross-pollination.

That's why Emilie Autumn takes your favorite elements of steampunk, goth fashion, the circus, pop music, and cabaret, hits liquefy on the genre blender, chugs them in one mighty gulp, and immediately projectile vomits the thick-and-chunky amalgamation all over anyone in within reach of her spew.

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Top Five Goth Types at Green Room's Black Friday One-Year Anniversary

Ian Witlen
Slideshow of Black Friday's One-Year Anniversary

Green Room celebrated the one-year anniversary of its vampire-friendly weekly party Black Friday on, well, Friday night. All of the fabulous freaks and fetishistic fashionistas of goth came out to show their support and show off their niche looks.

DJs spun industrial, new wave, alt, and electronic mixes; burlesque performers Val Vampyre, Jezebel Red, and Lisa Ann showed their curves; and people postured for the camera. We captured five goth-types repping at Black Friday. Get ready for some drama, darkness, and stereotyping.

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Gothic Corner: Black Friday Celebrates One-Year Anniversary at Green Room

she hulks.jpg
Fort Lauderdale is best-known for its swimmable beaches, year-round sunshine, and a spring break that's well-attended by douchebags. But over the past year, Black Friday has attempted to add a much darker element to that list. 

The weekly goth party brings the vamps, freaks, fetishists, and buxom beauties of burlesque to the Green Room. Regularly, Black Friday features morbid but fun nights. They've asked attendees to dress up as their favorite dead celebs, had masquerade parties, hosted a NIN tribute evening with Lavola, and even gotten some people tattooed on Friday the 13th (check out photos from that night here).

Resident Back Friday DJ Mike Lindersmash admits, "We're only the front door to the underground." This may be true, but it's definitely a pretty big, black, and sort of creepy portal to another vinyl-clad universe. With tonight's one-year anniversary party just hours away, Lindersmash took us on a trip down a cobweb-filled memory lane with Black Friday's most memorable moments. 

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