Tattoo Culture Showcased at FAU's "Academic Ink" Multimedia Show

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Courtesy Dr. Karen Leader

A multi-year project exploring the art and culture of tattoo takes center stage at Florida Atlantic University tonight in what's becoming an annual event. This year's show, "Academic Ink," includes tattoo-inspired work by faculty from the school's theater, music, and dance programs; a display of photographs featuring inked-up faculty and staff; and a keynote address by tattoo scholar and author Margot Mifflin titled "Art, Sex and Power: A Short History of Tattooed Women."

The project, jointly sponsored by the Jaffe Center for Book Arts and FAU arts prof Dr. Karen Leader, has surveyed the FAU community -- students, faculty, staff -- since 2010, documenting their ink and stories in print and on film. Based at the center, they've created an exotic library of tattoo-related material and a website called Stories on the Skin.

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Green Day Musical American Idiot Comes to Broward Center

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Jeremy Daniel
Punk rock and Broadway. The two go together like peanut butter and rattlesnakes, which is to say, they really don't. Or at least that's what most people thought until American Idiot took over the St. James Theater in New York City on April 20, 2010.

Now, two Tony Awards and a Grammy later, people are starting to rethink that whole no-punk-on-Broadway thing.

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Unit 1's Unclad and Rad Show Has "Clothing Optional Room and Naked Karaoke"


"You're really looking for trouble this time," we told Unit 1's proprietor/evil genius Jacques de Beaufort when we heard about this weekend's show.

"Yes, we are," he agreed enthusiastically. "That's what we do."

"You could end up with someone calling the cops," we said.

He laughed. "That would be the perfect touch, wouldn't it?"

See also: "Invisible Horde" Art Exhibit Opens at New Lake Worth Venue Unit 1

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Hollywood Artcenter 2020 Art Walk Opening Features Sri Prabha's "Noise Reduction Experiment # 3"

Courtesy of Sri Prabha

A new art space in Hollywood, FL, is getting some hype from Kimmy Drake, the singer of the city's super popular indie band, Beach Day. Drake calls Artcenter 2020, "really raw and super rad." She told us that tomorrow night is the perfect time to check out this hot spot. For one night only, at this month's Hollywood Art Walk on March 15, the gallery is showing an interactive, super spaced-out installation by Sri Prabha, Noise Reduction Experiment # 3.

Prabha, originally from Hyderabad, India, is one of seven local, contemporary artists showing at the Harrison Street space. The others are: Victor Delgado, Guillermo Mazzotti, Courtney Ortiz, Ketey Penner, Daniel Pontet, and Ana Ubal.

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Ana Mendez Launches Year of the Wooden Horse Campaign

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On Miami New Times' 100 Creatives list, we called artist/choreographer/dancer/sage Ana Mendez "a one-woman pyrotechnic show." That's still true, though it's more accurate these days to compare her to less hazardous elements. She's dynamic and explosive, but also connected to her surroundings in a way that's much more inclusive -- not necessarily bursting from them, but an integral part of them.

She's also expanding her practice. Over the next few months, Mendez is raising funds, via an Indiegogo campaign for two upcoming projects. Entitled the Year of the Wooden Horse, the fundraising action is named for 2014's patron animal in the Chinese zodiac and its corresponding element. The goods you'll get in return for contributing are amazing, and the projects are magical enough to inspire the spirit of giving, anyway.

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Pete Seeger Tribute Concert in Lake Worth: The Man is Gone. The Spirit Lives On

Pete Seeger at age 88 photographed on 6-16-07 at the Clearwater Festival 2007 by Anthony Pepitone.

The news this morning that Pete Seeger had died was not unexpected; the man was 95-years-old. And yet it came as a blow, for Pete's spirit was youthful until the end, and his stature and inspirational value had only grown with the passing of time.

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FAU Sound Archives Rescues Vintage Kiddie Records Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

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Thumbnail image for KiddieRecords.jpg

The entrance to the Recorded Sound Archives at FAU is guarded by the remnants of hi-fi history. Walnut-paneled gramophones from the Gilded Age and the Roaring Twenties line one wall. On shelves across the way, postwar portable sound systems and reel-to-reel tape decks compete for shelf space with 78 rpm and 45 rpm records from historic labels long gone - Decca (now owned by Vivendi), RCA Victor and Okeh (now owned by Sony).

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Three Women Artists to Catch This Weekend in Fort Lauderdale


We're all emerging from Art Basel fatigue, again, wide-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready for more visuals. And just in time, too, since a new gallery warehouse space is popping up this Friday just a few minutes outside of FAT Village. Presented by Pyramid Collective and Intuit Media Group, the opening will feature around 15 artists, including many you've read about right here. For instance, the show includes work from skateboarder collagist Chris Piller, whose pieces draw heavily from Basquiat, David Hockney, and Warhol, as well as painter and sculptor Jack Kearney, the man who, as the owner of '90s spot Squeeze, is pretty much responsible for any semblance of a scene this city enjoys today.

But because we don't get to highlight Broward County female artists as much as we'd like -- the Bubble's annual grrly art show notwithstanding -- we've compiled profiles of the three kickass ladies presenting work at Friday's show. We think their stuff would make excellent presents this holiday season.

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Holly Hunt's Gavin Perry on Singing for the Band: "The Barry White Sessions Are Coming Up"

Monica McGivern at Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale

Genesis 6:4 hints, in that cute, sci-fi Biblical manner that giants might've once roamed the earth. The Cardiff Giant turned out to be a pretty good hoax back in the 1860s, but make no mistake, Holly Hunt's Gavin Perry is neither hoax nor Biblical prophecy -- and he's giant through and through.

A visual artist who gravitates towards a psychedelic patina of vibrant colors, he's a coconspirator with artist/drummer Beatriz Monteavaro in South Florida's Holly Hunt; one of the heaviest and sludgiest entries into the genre of the recent years.

We spoke with him before their much heralded gig last week at Gramps in Miami with fellow heavies Shroud Eater and Black Cobra, and prior to tonight's show at the Bubble in Fort Lauderdale with Death Talisman VII, the Killing Hours, and Manifest Test Subject. We caught up with Gavin about touring, his height, and the ballsy move of releasing a double LP as the band's first album.

See also: Black Cobra on Metal and Hard-Core Touring: "Christ, We Did 180 Shows in Ten Months"

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Phyllida Barlow's "Anti-Monumental" Exhibition, HOARD, at the Norton Museum of Art: A Glorious Mess

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Barlow.jpg
Lila Photo

An image from Hurricane Katrina's aftermath lingers in Phyllida Barlow's imagination. It is that of a single tree amid the storm's debris and a storm's survivor who noted it as the mark of where his home once stood.

"'Home,' he said, not house," she explains. "Maybe it was insensitive of me, but it was deeply moving."

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