Ten Metal Songs That Would Make Game of Thrones Way Cooler

Courtesy of HBO
This guy would rather be listening to Slayer.

Game of Thrones is a huge, huge deal. You know that, though. The fantasy drama is HBO's most popular series ever, and reached the event horizon where novelty craft beers are now brewed in its honor, and T-shirts emblazoned with slogans and images that only viewers understand abound.

And let's be real: The show totally deserves it. It lives up to the hype it's been saddled with in the era of over-hyped television where every show is "the best show ever omg!" and we've all really become the slaves of our own serial-addictions.

I digress. Beyond the wild ass dragons, the bloody wars, the innumerable plot twists, the show is fantastically well-written, well-acted, and well-produced. And who could leave out the Dinklage? The Dinklage is really great. That said, the soundtrack could honestly use a bit of tweakin'.

Epic, sweeping orchestral arrangements are so predictable for such a program, and the reality is that the show -- in spirit and plot -- is really the most metal thing on television right now. So, maybe some shot-caller at HBO is reading County Grind these days and understands that our wisdom is as infinite as our love is tender. Maybe they understand that these heavy metal songs could provide the new soundtrack template to put season five totally over the top.

Come now, we ride!

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Palm Beach County Artists Unite for "Shop Small, Shop Creative" Saturday

Categories: Artopia

Ian Witlen

In an example of ethical consumerism, and aligned with the same thinking that fires the locavore movement, two of Palm Beach County's most visible alternative arts entrepreneurs are urging aesthetically adventurous, socially conscious holiday shoppers to "Shop Small, Shop Creative" this Saturday. They ask we patronize "the various art hubs, shops, districts, and galleries that promote emerging artists."

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Tiki Tom Combs Beaches to Make Dazzling Art out of Trash

Categories: Artopia


Tiki Tom is in the far end of the exhibition space when we arrive, in the black light room. Looking like a weatherbeaten, white Rastafarian, he's fussing with a set of banged-up hub caps painted in fluorescent colors over a coating of his secret recipe of faux-cement surfacing. More typically, his art's primary materials are the driftwood and beach glass and whatever other flotsam and jetsam he finds as he scours the beaches of South Florida, several hours a day twice a week for the last 40 or so years. "I see faces in the objects," he says.

Tom started collecting used hub caps at garage sales too, after they started to turn up on the sand, the mandala-like shapes irresistible. And just about any found object is fair game, like the bag full of medical waste including thirty or so used hypodermic needles that now radiate around a death's head on a black background under the headline: "Welcome to the Beach!"

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ActivistArtistA Celebrates Two Years of Art and Fun with Three Days of Art and Fun


Two years along and still choogling, artist and impresario Rolando Chang Barrero's adventurous alternative arts gallery ActivistArtistA is throwing a three-day birthday bash this weekend. The event includes live music, visual arts, food, and performances of the unexpected sort that we've come to expect from him. This includes fire acts, capoeira, and belly dancing.

Located in a threadbare industrial district (like all the best avant-garde arts efforts) just West of the FEC railroad tracks off I-95, the Miami ex-pat's venue is the heart of a compound of storage bays and workspaces that make up the Boynton Beach Arts District. It hosts multimedia extravanganzas week after week -- shows by up-and-coming artists, spoken word events, theater and, always, lotsa music -- making itself a keystone and magnet for local arts.

See also: Rolando Barrero Says: "Miami Is Dead and It's Dying. It's Gone Commercial"

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Artopia 2013: Roofless Records Brings Noise as Performance Art to Coral Gables Museum

Categories: Artopia
roofless artopia.jpg
A drive to Coral Gables isn't typically on your list of things to do on a Thursday night, but when Miami New Times is throwing their annual art and music extravaganza at the Coral Gables Museum, you get in your car, and you drive. 

Besides the crazy, costumed and limber antics of Cirque X, Latin rhythms by Palo!, sounds of the Larry Joe Miller Band, and breakdancing by the Ground Zero Crew, we will be enjoying a more conceptual approach to sound thanks to Roofless Records. 

See also

Matt Preira, a New Times writer and the main dude of Roofless, is presenting Radio Test #2. He defines this as '"kind of like noise theater." His label and production company, for lack of a better term, deals a lot with experimental musicians who ride the line between performance artist and noise musicians.

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Miami New Times' Artopia Brought the Goods Last Night to Villa 221

Categories: Artopia
Justin Namon
You might recognize the faces up there as those of Miami beat-master Otto Von Schirach. At last night's all out music, art, and entertainment fete hosted by our sister paper Miami New Times and Miami International Film Festival Artopia, there wasn't just one Otto onstage, but three. Three is almost always better than one, so we're not complaining. 
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Miami New Times' Artopia Brings Art, Fashion, Film, and Otto Von Schirach to Villa 221

Categories: Artopia
otto von schirach.jpg
Our sister paper Miami New Times and the Miami International Film Festival are bringing a bouquet of artistic enjoyment with Artopia again this year. The venue has changed. The cultural extravaganza will be taking place at the comfortably fashionable Villa 221. For those who haven't ventured south to the gallery/bar, you'll be pleased to find a beautifully converted mansion with a backyard fit for a giant. Packing it with hungry, thirsty art lovers will be no problem on Thursday night.

The Artopia highlights for us over at County Grind are the musical acts. Who doesn't want to see the Notorious Nastie emcee a lineup that includes Pocket of Lollipops, Boise Bob and His Backyard Band, a Roofless Records showcase, Lolo from Sweat Records as DJ, and Miami's IDM golden boy Otto Von Schirach? Nobody, that's who. In order to whet your audio palette, what follows is music you might hear on Thursday night. Enjoy.

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Artopia 2011 Was the Crème Brulée of the Crop

Categories: Artopia
Photo by Reed Fischer

The 2011 running of Artopia was an eye-stroking spectacle. Aside from the distinguished locals in all matters of semi-formal wear sipping cucumber-enhanced Hendrick's Gin, the crowd was pleasantly dotted with some of the area's most creative minds -- and we're not just talking about the New Times staff!

Inside Delray Beach Italian restaurant hotspot Il Bacio, the main attraction was Erin Barylski, a body-paint gymnast who tossed herself all over a large spread of floor for her art. Every so often a shirtless man carrying a tray of hors d'œuvres would pass by, and these gents seemed to be popular even when their edible offerings had disappeared. As for Kill Miss Pretty frontwoman Alicia Olink, she opted for much more modest attire than when we saw her on Valentine's Day.

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New Times to Give a Grand to Four Local Artists at Artopia on Wednesday

Categories: Artopia
Photo courtesy the Bubble
IWAN's Bubble is one of our 12 MasterMind finalists.

New Times will give away $1,000 to four artists Wednesday as part of our second-annual MasterMind Awards.

Our panel of experts picked an eclectic mix of finalists, from performance artists to filmmakers to champions of the scene. The winners will be announced at our Artopia event Wednesday, which will be headlined by Under Every Green Tree. Get more info on the event here, and read more about our 12 finalists below.

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Get Artopia 2011 Tickets at Half Price

Categories: Artopia
Artopia is New Times Broward-Palm Beach's annual injection of all things cultural and sensational. On February 23, the bold assortment of over-the-top fashion, art, live music, and dancing hits Delray Beach's Italian restaurant and lounge Il Bacio.

Due to the marvelous Deal of the Day, the $20 admission to this hub of enlightenment and cheer is slashed in half. Only $10 for a night of tantalizing visual stimuli, and plenty of edible delights provided by Il Bacio and Prime, a new Delray spot for steak, sushi, and seafood. Not to mention the signature cocktails flowing all night.

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