Rakim at The Stage Miami During Art Basel 2012: A Video Recap

Photo by Victor Gonzalez

The Stage Miami
Friday, December 7

Better Than: Getting Paid in Increments.

It had been a long time since Rakim rolled through our hood prior to last night's performance at The Stage.
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Thurston Moore, Rat Bastard, and Kenny Millions Play Art Basel House Show (VIDEO)

thurston moore rat bastard kenny millions.JPG
"Where's Thurston Moore?" This is the question we've been asking each other since the Sonic Youth frontman and South Florida native was first spotted at nontraditional art spaces around town this Art Basel. 

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He was in Miami to perform in honor of his late friend Kurt Cobain at the multi-disciplinary event, KURT. Thursday morning, Moore visited the art studio of Holly Hunt's Beatriz Monteavaro and Gavin Perry with Miami noise legend Rat Bastard. That night, he performed at the Gusman, a theater where his mom first saw Gone with the Wind. Then Friday night, word was Rat might be bringing Moore to the house show of Greg and Eddy Alvarez, two of the three that make up the Jellyfish Brothers

 And the rumors, well, as often rumors are, were true.

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Thurston Moore and KURT During Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

Photo by Ian Witlen
Thurston Moore reading a poem "with Kurt in mind."
No one wrote "Kurt Smells Like Teen Spirit" on the wall.

Still, the Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts reeked, ever-so-slightly and not-so-literally, of sweaty punk armpits, greasy faded flannel, and the sweet stink of grunge.

Last night, KURT, "a multi-discipline exhibition and study of the late Kurt Cobain," crept into the 86-year-old ex-movie palace for a short intense evening of film, dance, talk, poetry, and music from multidisciplinary contemporary artist Adarsha Benjamin, bad boy choreographer Ryan Heffington, and L.A. musician Guy Blakeslee, as well as actual friend-of-Cobain and indie icon Thurston Moore.

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The Band in Heaven's Ates Isildak Thinks Maybe Nico Would Be What Bands Sound Like in Heaven

Thumbnail image for Band_in_Heaven_Monica_McGivern.jpg
Monica McGivern
Take a deep breath and coming to terms with the fact that you are not going to be able to see every captivating piece of art or every awesome band performing this Art Basel. It's not humanly possible, come to grips with it, bro. Slap yourself, then pick and choose. 

There are some acts though that you don't want to pooh-pooh. Tonight for example, the Ad Hoc and Self-Titled Churchill's show---including performances from Tampa's Merchandise, West Palm's the Band of Heaven, Miami's Lil Daggers and Teepee,-- is high on our list of must-dos. Little Haiti will provide haven from art collectors. Merchandise will offer melodious guitar lines mixed with textured electro and cavernous sweeping croons from lead singer Carson Cox. The scruffy sounds of Miami's Lil Daggers and the swirling escapes of Teepee are not too shabby either. And of course, the Band in Heaven has always impressed us with its visceral white-noise caterwauls and haunting ethereal vocals.

Yesterday, New Times had the opportunity to catch up with the latter's garrulous frontman Ates Isildak. We shot the breeze about tonight's gig, what BIH has been cooking in the studio and other metaphysical topics.

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Danny Brown and Shepard Fairey's Art Basel Party at Bardot Miami

danny brown bardot art basel.jpg
"Stank pussy smellin' like Cool Ranch Doritos!"

That's what all the hip cats were screaming at Bardot last night, 'cause Danny Brown was in the spot tearin' it up on the carpet, among the people.

The weed was in the air and the streets were representing for an intimate set from the loud and rowdy MC. And he wasn't even the only giant in the building 'cause Shepard Fairey, the "Obey" man himself, came through for a special opening DJ set.

Needless to say, shit was tight.

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MOCA L.A.'s Basel Beach Party: Lykke Li, Miike Snow, Peter Bjorn and John

Photo by Ciara Osorio
Lykke Li.
MOCA L.A. Beach Party
With Lykke Li, Miike Snow, and Peter Björn and John
Raleigh Hotel, Miami Beach
Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Better Than: A trip to Ikea.

There is something to be said about MOCA Los Angeles' annual Basel bash. Once again, it seemed like everyone in town for the art fairs wanted to go. Hoards of people made the line to check in, some of which didn't score an invite but were hoping to beg their way in.
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Metro Zu's Poshstronaut Hates Rappers, Loves Women

metro zu.jpg
Stian Roenning 
One of the finest names in Miami music history is Metro Zu. The hip-hop group consists of four talented artists with a distinct sense of style and humor with, again, the best name ever. Poshstronaut, their beat-maker, says they chose this very 305 nostalgic (because RIP Metro Zoo, hello Zoo Miami) title because, "We're untamed animals. You can't stop us. We just do what we want to do." The attitude is: We don't give a fuck. And you know what? That's working for us, 'cause now we do. Give a fuck about Metro Zu, that is.  

Poshstronaut, along with the rest of Metro Zu -- Lofty 305, Astro$lilkk, and Freebase -- are beyond busy this Art Basel week. With five shows and counting, they'll be doing just about everything from rapping at the 18-and-older C$PG party at the Electric Pickle tonight and painting Lamborghinis with Primary Flight at Mokai. 

They may define themselves as "an inter-dimensional art clan sent from a utopian future to usher in the next level of Cyberpunk Funk," but they're actually more than even all that. Tied up in visual art, music, and even, it seems when you see them, fashion, these guys have your senses covered. 

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A$AP Rocky Swarmed by Art Weirdos at Art Basel Miami Beach Delano Show (VIDEO)

Art Basel just seemed to work out magically this Wednesday night. Parking was shockingly easy to find (thank you, dude-looking ladies who left early. You rule!). Then I ran into a friend at the Bass Museum who was on the list for the A$AP Rocky party at the Delano, but he wasn't going. I'd planned on crashing that or the MOCA LA, Lykke Li concert. I ended up taking the easy route, and just stole his identity for the evening. 

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Sure Rocky's hosting an art event tonight at the Garret, but why not see him rap about bitches under the clear night sky with the company of drunken, hat-wearing bougie out-of-towners?

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Five Reasons You Should Care About Art Basel Miami Beach

Courtesy of Luis de Jesus Los Angles
Zackary Drucker at Least You Know You Exist, 2011, Pulse Art Fair, Booth B-102
Listen up, Broward and Palm Beach counties! I know what you're thinking: Who the hell cares about this Art Basel bullcrap?! Well, the answer is: You! Well, you should, at least. 

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Simon Doonan might be pooing all over the art fair on Slate, but personally, it don't matter all that much what he thinks. This fair is a gift that's been given to South Florida. Whether or not you're also "over this shit," the main attraction and surrounding events offer us locals and semilocals endless opportunities for growth, learning, and crazy, drunken, free fun! 

Here are five really good reasons Art Basel Miami Beach matters and should matter to you.  

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A$AP Rocky Hosts Art Show with Adidas at Art Basel

For those frothing at the mouth for new beef-related gossip between feuding rappers, you'll be happy to know that you can choose sides between A$AP Rocky's and Spaceghostpurrp's mobs and klans this Art Basel Thursday. Well, sort of. We're being a tad bit dramatic here. But it's a blog. Excuse the hype. 

The trill life rep is hosting an art exhibition at the Garrett with Adidas and HVW8 Gallery. That same day, Robb Bank$ and Metro Zu, among other friends of SGP will be performing down the street at the Electric Pickle. No guarantee or even hint that he'll be there, but it's fun to pretend. 

Though not a concert, the show at the Garret (upstairs at Grand Central) sounds like a pretty rad representation of some up-and-coming LA and New York artists. 

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