James Blake Played New Song "Forever" at YoungArts Art Basel 2014 Concert

Photo by Chris Carter/ra-haus.com
Check out the full 64-photo slideshow of James Blake at Basel 2014.

James Blake
Presented by III Points and YoungArts
YoungArts Campus, Miami
Friday, December 5, 2014

Better Than: Sunday mass.

We're not really a religious bunch. But last night, James Blake took us to church.

The English artist brought heavenly chords and a voice like honey to his Florida debut at Miami's YoungArts Campus for III Points and YoungArts' Basel 2014 music series.

Oh, and he made his first time count, giving adoring fans a number of deep cuts, like the recently released "200 Press," and even unleashing "Forever," a never-before-heard taste from his forthcoming album, for the encore.

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Le Baron Pop-Up at the Delano's FDR Lounge Was the Dance Party of Art Basel 2014

Photos by Nate "Igor" Smith

Last Wednesday night, we trotted down the Miami Beach Boardwalk past Miley Cyrus wailing away with Wayne Coyne for a small crowd of the most aggressive adults ever to elbow their way past doormen and cops. We weren't interested in actually getting trampled to see Hannah Montana cover the Beatles -- as camp as that sounds. We were heading over to the Delano to the most desirable dance party that coincides with Art Basel Miami Beach, Le Baron.

This year, the roaming and alt-exclusive party was housed underground in the Florida Room now known as FDR Lounge at the Delano. The line was still short since doors didn't officially open until midnight, but that didn't keep a "Real" Housewife from scoffing at us at the door thinking we wanted to go to some magazine party by the pool.

No thanks, lady, not interested in your "chic" shindig. We wanted to dance and laugh and make new friends with smiles on their faces, not sneers.

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NSU Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale's Director's Brunch With Julian Schnabel

NSU Museum of Art Ft. Lauderdale

The NSU Museum of Art Ft. Lauderdale's exhibition, Café Dolly: Picabia, Schnabel, Willumsen is an excellent showcase of how even when it seems like an impossibility, due to time and geographical distance, different art movements and schools of thought share a common ancestry.

Featuring approximately 75 paintings, this show draws from French avant-garde, Dada, and surrealist painter Francis Picabia's later figurative period (1926-51), the late '80s industrial abstractions of Julian Schnabel, an American artist synonymous with New York City, and the late 19th to mid-20th-century works of visionary symbolist Danish artist J.F. Willumsen.

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Peter Marino's One Way at Bass: Luxury and Leather Done Right

The name "Peter Marino" was on the well-moisturized lips of every privileged attendee at the New York Times-hosted International Luxury Conference at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami this week.

And why wouldn't it be? Of all the people on display during the Art Basel Miami Beach fair, the architect, art collector, and Warhol protege Marino seems to know about living most luxuriously.

By "on display," we mean quite literally, too. Marino's personal collection was curated thoughtfully by Palais de Tokyo's Jérôme Sans, at the Bass Museum of Art's One Way. But front and center sitting pretty is a wax sculpture of the often leather-clad Marino, hand tipping his hat at every passerby.

Every news outlet around the world seems to be frothing at the mouth for a tiny taste of Marino and his extravagant lifestyle. It's a bit odd that while most people can't afford rent, the art world still laps up the extravagant like its starving.

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Basel 2014's Eight Best Local Music Shows

Alex Markow
Explore the aural reality of the 305 with Miami's own Otto von Schirach.

Come December, megaclubs on South Beach and party spots in downtown Miami vibrate with the sounds of international DJs while every hovel in town is pounding with the sounds of bands from all over the world just itching for their one moment in the Art Basel spotlight.

But Miami's also got a legit local music scene that is more than worthy of your eyes and ears. So get out and check out our swampy and tropical musicians.

Trust us, they've earned their time on the #ABMB stage.

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Seven Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale During Art Basel 2014

Monica McGivern

With Art Basel, the massive and pricey marketplace, setting up shop on Miami Beach and just about every "it" act swarming to town to perform just miles south of us, there's no shortage of things to do in Pitbull's hometown this week.

But let's say you just want to keep it local this week. What's going on in the 954 and the 561 to keep culture junkies occupied? Although we don't have a full-blown art fair, we still have a couple of very cool things going down around here. Some of these events are linked to Art Basel, creating a tricounty fusion of sorts.

To see what's happening in your neighborhood, check out the following list.

Bonus: Some of them are free.

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Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Bar Guide

Photo by Lex Hernandez
Get buzzed with Basel's most beautifully boozy.

Art Basel hits our city each December like a ton of very stylish, possibly graffitied, definitely expensive bricks. People with cash flock here to snap up valuable artwork, culture nerds come for the quirky performances, and party animals get ratchet at each and every live music venue, because it's still Miami.

The thing is, maybe you've never been to this weird seaside town, and you'd really like to experience a bit of the nightlife outside the December art bubble. There are plenty of other bars around Miami that fill up each Basel with those who just want to chill for a minute.

Here are our suggestions for Miami's best bars, with something for every taste and sexual preference.

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Basel 2013: Fool's Gold Day Off With Trick Daddy, A-Trak, and Danny Brown

Photo by Marco Torres

Fool's Gold Day Off
With Trick Daddy, A-Trak, Danny Brown, and others
Mana Wynwood, Miami
Sunday, December 8, 2013

They called it a Day Off, but that shit was lasted from early in the afternoon till way after dark.

The insta-midnight feel inside Mana Wynwood's warehouse setting helped dancers forget the sun was beating down on sad souls outside. And thus, we raged harder than any regular day party ever could.

As is the current trend, there was more hip-hop vibes than longtime Fool's Gold fans may have expected, but we here at Crossfade were definitely pleased. A surprise guest appearance from Danny Brown made our night, and of course, the 305's legendary Trick Daddy reminded us that "we do our own shit," and Miami still runs the scene.

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Basel Castle 2013: Chance the Rapper, Gesaffelstein, Travis Scott, Robb Banks Killed It

Photo by Ian Witlen
Gon' Basel Castle surfing with Travis Scott.

Basel Castle 2013
Grand Central Park, Miami
Saturday, December 7, 2013

In the past, the setting for The Overthrow's Basel Castle extravaganza had been a slightly cartoonish, sort of fragile-looking fortress in Wynwood. But that shit is dead, son.

Last year, the overcrowding got outta hand. So for 2013, the party moved to Grand Central Park, a grassy field across from Grand Central Miami.

There was one big main stage, some skate ramps, fashionable phone gear for sale, a Red Bull tent, and of course, a whole slew of street art.

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Marc Vedo on Teenaged EDM Fans: "They Think David Guetta Started House Music"

George Martinez

Marc Vedo sweetly schooled those at Mansion Nightclub in dance music this past Saturday night. He handed them their sonic diplomas right before his cohort and tourmate Boy George took over the decks. At first, the packed room was staring up at the crotches of dancing, glittering, and barely clothed acrobats overhead. But with the British DJ's classic-house selections, the attention quickly shifted to their own moving bodies.

Vedo has been DJ'ing since he was a teenager and seems to have played in every corner of the Earth, from Kenya to Dubai. He's also been managing Boy George, one of his closest friends. Together, they're bringing the joys of house music to eager ears worldwide. And to close out this year's Art Basel Miami Beach week, these stalwarts of the genre pasted smiles across every face in the place.

We sat down with Vedo before his set and spoke with him about working with people in funny hats, arguing with Boy George on tour, and making sure Americans know dance music isn't only 10 years old.

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