Boomers! Ran Out of Nacho Cheese and Closed Its Doors Forever to Become DaniaLive

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Flickr Creative Commons / Bob B. Brown
Did you take a final lap on the go-kart track? Play one last round of minigolf with friends? Win any souvenirs from the ticket counter?

If you didn't go yesterday, you'll never go again to Boomers! family-fun megaplex in Dania Beach. The old Broward staple, housing every childhood niche under the sun, is slated to be demolished this year, making way for retail space, hotels, condos, and more of the usual.

From all four corners of the tricounty area, fans young and old packed the place out to rehash old memories and wave one last goodbye.

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Glass Blower J. Michael Glass Brings Live "Degenerate Art" Demo to LSD Gallery

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J. Michael Glass is most famous for his Wyz Guy series, which can be customized to your preference.
Family-friendly theme park performer by day, degenerate artist by night: Jason Bourgholtzer leads a double life, but he's not complaining. It's a childhood dream to work for the Big Mouse, but he has to keep his secret identity under wraps. Under the moniker J. Michael Glass, the St. Petersburg artist is one of Florida's longest-running and hardest-working functional glass blowers. He makes cool chandeliers, bracelets, and cartoon characters, but it's the pipes, bubblers, and Wyz Guy owl series that bring home the bacon.

"I've always been drawn to hand-blown glass more than sculptural stuff, the fact that it's functional," Bourgholtzer says. "Growing up as a teenager, I was always making things into pipes, so I thought, 'Hey, why not?'"

With 15 years of experience and a serious passion for the craft, J. Michael Glass has become one of the most recognizable names in the regional scene. Every day, he's thankful for the chance to do what he loves, and you can check it out for yourself when he hits Lake Worth's LSD Gallery (part of Aces High tattoo shop) for a live demonstration on Saturday, January 24.

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Inspiration Longboards' Grand Opening Is a Real Community Effort

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Ian Witlen
Bleubird's gonna bring the beats.

While the rest of the country climbs through snow and sleet to hit a movie, we're having backyard barbecues in our bathing suits. Living in South Florida is a blessing, and here, it's always the right time for a community gathering. And what better way to celebrate the great urban outdoors than with a little longboarding?

While we're at it, let's throw some vendors in the mix along with live music, live art, a raffle, laser engravings, pinch pressings, delicious noms, and a full bar. Yeah, that sounds like a great way to get people together, and that's exactly the plan Inspiration Longboards cooked up for its grand opening Saturday, January 17.

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Stache's One-Year Anniversary Party Presented Pure Entertainment

Michele Eve Sandberg

It feels like just yesterday that Stache opened its doors to downtown Fort Lauderdale. The 1920s-themed lounge has dazzled patrons with plenty of live bands, DJs, and burlesque shows since. Of course, its variety of craft cocktails help keep people coming back for more too -- seriously, don't leave without trying an authentic old-fashioned. So when Stache turned 1 this weekend, we had to be there to catch it all.

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Wicked Manors Halloween Bash Brought Out the Freak Show

Michele Eve Sandberg

We had pretty high expectations walking into the annual Wicked Manors block party this past weekend. Let's face it, gay Halloween parties are far superior to traditional, nonqueer ones. It's just a fact. It's like science.

The costumes are more ornate, the parties are over-the-top, and the vibe is just completely different. Everyone walks around Wilton Manors admiring other costumes, chatting with people they might normally not even approach. While there's still your typical drunken holiday debauchery, it's not as "in your face" as in downtown Fort Lauderdale. It's relaxed yet fabulous.

This year's "Freak Show" theme was taken very seriously by attendees, with nightmare-inducing clowns aplenty. When we first arrived, we spotted two men in drag dressed as conjoined twin sisters. They were terrifying, and we loved them.

We saw roughly ten Twisty the Clown costumes, a nod to the new season of American Horror Story. Sadly, there were no Jessica Langes in sight.

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Doors Drummer John Densmore: "Maybe Jim's Ghost Will Haunt Me Forever"

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Scott Mitchell

There are several reasons why the Doors were the archetypical band of the late '60s. A singular, shamanistic lead singer, for one; a unique, indelible sound that was magical, mystical and mesmerizing; and a career path that involved drugs, decadence, and the kind of drama that was intrinsic to the times.

After the death of the Doors' frontman, Jim Morrison, in a Paris bathtub in 1971, it was only natural that the three remaining members -- late keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robbie Krieger, and drummer John Densmore -- would attempt to carry on. It was also apparent that it would be futile without Morrison at the fore.

Yet despite Morrison's fury at the fact that his colleagues had considered selling rights to their song "Light My Fire" to a car company in 1968, more than three decades later, Krieger and Manzarek leaped at the chance to trade their song "Break on Through" to Cadillac for $15 million. But when the opportunity came to regroup for a tour under the thinly veiled moniker "The Doors of the 21st Century," enough was enough for Densmore.

Determined to preserve the band's legacy in a way he believed Morrison would have wanted, he and the singer's aging parents took his former colleagues to court in 2004. They endured a five year trial, a year and a half appeal, the scorn of fans and former friends, possible financial disaster, and the isolation and uncertainties of standing alone for a cause they believed in.

Densmore documented his struggles in his book Doors Unhinged, published last year, approximately two decades after his best-selling autobiography Riders on the Storm. He's about to begin a series of book readings that will bring him to Fort Lauderdale's Radio-Active Records. We recently caught up with Densmore at home in California and asked him to provide us with a preview.

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Summer Soundtrack Comes to a Sweaty and Satisfying End (Video)

Summer Soundtrack Series with Phil Barnes and Forlorn Strangers from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

C&I Studios and Exposed PR's Summer Soundtrack came to a close last night. The pop-up concert series centered on local music, and was emceed by South Florida musician Phil Barnes.

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Cycle Party Expands to Fort Lauderdale Beach

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If you've walked down Las Olas or Clematis lately, chances are you've seen a Cycle Party. You know, the mobile bar/bicycle contraption that looks like something Leonardo da Vinci would have invented if he were in a frat.

Yeah, that.

If you still have no clue what I'm talking about, a Cycle Party is essentially a giant bike that seats up to fifteen people. Ten people peddle at a time, while the tour guide sits in the middle of everyone and steers. Tours last for two hours, making stops at bars along the way. Drinking is encouraged, and cup holders are provided.

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Riverside Market to Host Fundraiser for Musicians on Call Tonight

The Riverside Market is hosting a fundraiser tonight to benefit Musicians on Call, a nonprofit charity that brings local musicians to hospitals so they can give in-room performances to patients. The event will be sponsored by Florida Beer Co., and there will be a $10 cover at the door, which includes one draft beer and goes directly to Musicians on Call.

The event will be headlined by its organizer, leader of the South Florida branch of the org, and all-around busy dude Phil Barnes. Barnes has been -- to say the least -- active in the recent South Florida music scene.

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Blue Front Brings BBQ Back with a Side of Jazz, Pop, and Northern Soul

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Thumbnail image for BlueFront.jpg
The faux-lighthouse entranceway to the retro-quirky building at Dixie and North 12th Street in Lake Worth has seen a Pulp Fiction jumble of pop culture history pass through its doors. Its latest incarnation, Blue Front Bar-B-Que, marks a very cool new turn in its herky-jerky evolution.

The food sets the tone: all-American soul classics like ribs, pulled pork, collard greens and some killer cornbread. The decor and the musical line-up add a whole new dimension.

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