Under the Radar: Alternative Talent Show Still Crazy After All These Months

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The performances and venues we love most -- out on the edge and raw to the bone -- typically have the lifespan of a mayfly. Indie, alternative, underground, and indigenous talent show Under the Radar has already beat the odds. Nine months along now and it's planning a first birthday party this fall.

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Russell Mofsky of Gold Dust Lounge: Guitar Heroes of South Florida

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Gold Dust Longue Facebook
Mofsky and his trusty Fender Jazzmaster

Russell Mofsky is a true student of the guitar whose story has been told, thus far, via the strings of his guitars.

The Miami-bred guitarist and composer's life has been motivated by the beck and call of the six-stringed muse. From his early days performing with the unsung Miami punk legends Quit to a period of wandering through the flourishing abstract jazz scene of New York in the '90s, Mofsky has traveled many sonic paths to arrive at his current point. He composes and performs as Gold Dust Lounge, a project that mixes equal parts surf guitar and mid-century noire to make a final product that is altogether sublime.

Mofsky employs as interesting an array of tools as one would expect of such an aural alchemist, including a few lovely vintage guitars and a dizzying collection of unique effects pedals with which to morph and meld new and old sounds. We spoke with the guitarist about his fretted life as he prepared for a weekend of festivities celebrating the release of an album he says he's been trying to make for years.

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The Cravens: "We're Feeling Like We're 25 Again"

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But for their personal warmth and goofy sense of humor, "grizzled" would be a good word for these veterans of rock and roll (and a wide range of other musical genres).

Friends and off-and-on bandmates for more than 30 years now, the Cravens are the latest incarnation of the long musical evolution of Ron DeSaram and brothers John and Bill Storch -- South Florida boys who paid their Clubland dues in the cities of the Northeast and lived to sing the tale.

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Timb Returns to the Stage at Boynton Beach Arts District

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A musician of many guises at a venue of many enterprises, all it needs is a coat of many colors and the evening would be positively Biblical. And with onetime local staple Timb's taste for costumes and the theatrical, that's not out of the question either.

A fixture on the South Florida music scene for almost 20 years, Timb has hopscotched through every musical genre imaginable -- metal, electro, grunge, country, folk -- with a discography of albums totaling 20 (and counting) and a handful of side projects.

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Ten Most Notorious Miami Heat Fans: From Stitches to Jimmy Buffett

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Local rapper and internet phenomenon Stitches has made it known he loves the Miami Heat. In his artistic "Brick in Yo Face" video, one of his homeboys is wearing a LeBron James Heat jersey. In return for the love shown by Stitches, the Miami Heat warmed up to "Brick in Yo Face" before playoff games.

In recent radio interviews, Stitches let it be known he'd like to sit courtside for some of the World Champion's upcoming Heat games. At first glance, it seems unlikely a family-friendly sports team would want someone with an assault rifle tattooed on his cheek associated with its brand, but our hometown has a history of infamous b-ball fans. Here's a list of ten of the most notorious Heat lovers.

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Brewhouse Gallery Opens in Lake Park: It's a Bar, It's a Coffee House, It's an Art Gallery...

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Ian Witlen

The quirkly little town of Lake Park's unusual history left the original character of its downtown corridor untouched by over-development, its charm preserved. Arts-friendly and idiosyncratic, it hosts an art house cinema, a vintage record shop, and dining a la Vietnam.

Tonight in town, there'll be the soft opening of Brewhouse Gallery, an enterprise equally idiosyncratic. The dream project of artist AJ Brockman, he describes it as "serving coffee by day and craft beer/wine by night... Part eclectic hipster lounge, part modern New York art gallery."

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Selwyn Birchwood on the Blues: "It's Relatable. It's Eternal"

Alligator Records

If you grew up in South Florida, you have, without a doubt, made countless trips to Orlando. Long weekends meant trips to Universal, your favorite band's U.S. tour meant taking that four-hour trip to the world of the other Holy Land, Mickey Mouse, and as we've discovered, some kickass blues shows.

Selwyn Birchwood is one of many Orlando natives who cleverly utilized the accessibility of the House of Blues to create his own identity in the genre. Now, at just 29-years-old, he beat out over 240 bands at the International Blues Challenge. Friday night, he takes his talents to the Nectar Lounge stage at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, carrying his crown with him, and the promise of a new Alligator Records distributed album, Don't Call No Ambulance.

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Black Fridays Return to Fort Lauderdale: "It Feels Like Home"

Ian Witlen

Sure everyone's bummed about the closing of venerable downtown Miami indie haunt Vagabond, but this bad news comes with a bit of a silver lining for those of us north of the Golden Glades Interchange. Popular darkwave night Black Fridays will be making a move back to the Fort Lauderdale place of its inception.

Event organizer Mike Linder (aka DJ Lindersmash, New Times Reader's Choice DJ of the Year in 2012 and 2013) relocated the Gothic-leaning shindig down to Miami about a year ago, leaving Fort Lauderdale black-wearing masses without a place to rub elbows on Friday nights. Don't worry Mike, we ain't mad at you. Fort Lauderdale is ready to welcome you back with open arms.

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Psychedelics on the Brain: Drug-Focused Documentary Film Series at Harold's Coffee Lounge

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D Sharon Pruitt via Wikimedia Commons

Interested in drugs? No, like, seriously interested in drugs, as a social and cultural phenomenon and, possibly, a path to higher (no pun intended) consciousness? (Not that kicks and satori are mutually exclusive, as any good beatnik will tell you.)

If so, girls and boys, the good folks at the estimable artso-hipso Harold's Coffee Lounge in West Palm's über-groovy Northwood Arts District have got a deal for you, on four nights this merry month of May, as those wild and crazy caffeinistas unveil four free flicks on the topic of psychoactives and psychedelics.

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LDUB Zombie Crawl Next Weekend: Filming for Local Zombie Flick

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Michele Eve

Zombies are all over the place these days and they don't seem to be going anywhere.

From Walking Dead to zombie runs to the face-eating bath salts guy a couple years back, the undead are popping up all over the place -- some studies say the obsession is a cultural indicator of societal dissatisfaction and economic turmoil and that makes sense. When you're broke, you're hungry, and you'd eat just about anything.

If you're looking for an excuse to morph into a soulless corpse for an evening -- or you just want to see yourself in an indie flick -- Third Eye Adventures is hosting the LDUB Zombie Crawl next weekend and they'll be filming their own low budget film of the living dead.

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