FAU's Record Label Hoot/Wisdom Recordings Is Hunting for Talent

Ian Witlen

FAU's in-house, DIY record label, Hoot/Wisdom Recordings, is looking for new artists to include in the label's fourth installment of their "CompOWLation" series. As before, the casting call extends to FAU and Palm Beach State College students and alumni, as well as FAU faculty and staff.

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Grammy Awards 2013 10 Most WTF Moments

Hey, we liked this dress!
The best South Florida moment of last night's 2013 Grammy awards was when Pitbull snuck in his signature catchphrase during his presentation, saying: "These are the nominees for the best solo performance. Dale!" God, that guy's great. Dale, truly, Mr. Worldwide.

Last night, we, along with the whole rest of the world, were wowed by the Leon Helm tribute, thought the Marley one needed some work, had nothing but love for LL Cool J and Miguel, but wondered a little about John Mayer's big purple suit.

Click on to read some of the other weirdest, most uncomfortable, and fantastic moments of the night.

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Frank Ocean's "Forrest Gump" Grammy Performance Was Like a Box of Turds

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Frank Ocean's "Forrest Gump" Grammy Performance Was Like a Box of Turds

Frank Ocean channeled a dead Jenny, instead of orange with his totally weirdo-in-a-bad-way performance at the 2013 Grammys.

Some really poor decision-making led him to sing his love song to Forrest Gump last night, which included a stage show that had way too much going on that made way too little sense. 

Ocean was going for poetry, and we just got a fragmented mess of mental backwash. 

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Did Nicki Minaj's Grammy Performance Remind Anyone Else of a Meatloaf Video?

It's likely that Nicki Minaj's mom, a woman to whom she called out to often during her Grammy performance, even questioned the good taste of the "Roman Holiday" debacle on Sunday. Certainly, the rest of us watching were horrified. We weren't scared of the devilish content, but rather the absolute absurdity of the whole affair. 

When did Nicki become British? Why is she all up Madonna and Lady Gaga's ass on this one? Nicki, you've got style, albeit shitty style, but it's yours. Embrace it. 

Minaj's ridiculous narrative that ran through her set on Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour was just a tiny taste of the total moronic grandeur and fantasy-gone-wrong that was "Roman Holiday," a performance reminiscent of another musical persona obsessed with grandeur and himself. Meatloaf. That's right, we said it. Meatloaf. 
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The 54th Annual Grammy Awards Live Blog

Ladies and gentleman, it's Grammy night. Here on County Grind, we're doing something a little extra special for it. That's right, we're live blogging all the shenanigans. Are you an Adeleophile? Or are you totally over her? Are you just as confused as we are about this "Dance/Electronica" segment that features the Foo Fighters AND Chris Brown? Why is Chris Brown even allowed to perform at the Grammys?

We'll be covering all this nonsense, shit talking, and exchanging hilarious banter that might drive you to drink, but bet it'll be more fun than watching the Walking Dead premiere. Ok, maybe not, but please join in the fun as Music Editor Liz Tracy and Club Editor Betsey J. Denberg live blog the 54th Annual Grammy Awards.

Just keep hitting refresh.

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County Grind Live-Blogs the Grammys This February 12 at 8 p.m.

What are Sunday nights best for? Besides Downton Abbey, we'd have to say sitting around in your jammies with the family or pets and yelling at the awards show on television. This week, the Grammys'll be blowing up TV sets from here to L.A. to Minnesota to Houston. 

We here at County Grind will watch and live-blog from South Florida this weekend. We couldn't find it in our hearts to ignore such a huge display of star worship. 

Expect to read things you don't like. Criticism of Adele? You betcha. Crap-talking on Rihanna. Oh, yeah. Praise of Lady Gaga? Likely. It'll be a live blog you won't soon forget.

We'll take it easy on Paul McCartney, considering he's a Beatle and winning the 2012 MusiCares Person of the Year award. The rest of you, you're fair game. Like the Foo Fighters, Deadmau5, and Lil Wayne's electronic tribute? We'll see about all that. 

Tune in and come over to County Grind. We'll be your Grammy date on Sunday, February 12, at 8 p.m.
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Mix Masters From Full Sail University Rack in Grammy Nominations

full sail university.JPG
via Full Sail University on Flickr
Full Sail University Sound Studio
Riddle me this: What do the five Grammy nominees for Album of the Year have in common with Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida?

Answer: All five albums were mixed or engineered by a Full Sail graduate, as Time magazine pointed out in today's article.

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