Heady & Sullen Debut EP Is a Testament to Their Undying Love


Ariel Vega is no stranger to our New Times readership. As the drummer for the Honeysticks in the '90s, he helped pave the way for the alternative sounds of South Florida today. An eternally busy musician with live tried-and-true chops and a penchant for creation within the studio and session setting, his latest musical endeavor involves his wife Tammy Fons, an accomplished and classically trained pianist.

Under the name of Heady & Sullen they're releasing a debut four-song EP replete with atmosphere and melody. Formed by their different backgrounds but catapulted into creation by a symbiotic link, their music is lofty and baroque and full of love without the aegis of cliché.

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Sunny Devilles Make Hip-Hop Influenced by Bob Dylan

Robert Garcia
It's always sunny.

How do you hip-hop? If you are Tanner Kauffman and James Bauer, you experiment. Together they make up the Sunny DeVilles, the Boca-based hip-hop act who's spanking new album In Search Of... is just the beginning of their journey. The record is laced with heavy lyrics and saxophone grooves, quite the opposite of today's mainstream rap chart-toppers.

Tanner and James operate on their own level, uninfluenced by the sometimes limited hip-hop scene surrounding them. Recently, the Sunny Devilles released their album into the world with a CD release party at UNIT 1 in Lake Worth. The artsy conditions, constantly running video projector, and lack of a stage meant their performance was straight up in your face. An experimental experience, their stage presence perfectly compliments the In Search Of... vibes. The record is a winner, but what about the guys behind it? We took the time to chat with Tanner and James about how they met, what they listen to, and why you should care enough to give a listen.

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Mike Mineo's Big Big Star Merges Acoustic with Electronic

Categories: Album Release


In an area like South Florida, so chock-full of talented musicians, it's really hard to stick out. But Boca Raton's Mike Mineo has made a name for himself, not only with his deft songwriting skills, but more importantly, with a drive and determination we don't see too often in local artists. This dude has gigs almost every night of the week, and he's proven prolific too, putting out four ace albums in the last four years.

He's been on our radar for awhile now -- we did name him the Best Male Rock Vocalist after all. And Mineo just keeps on keeping on, impressing us again with his most recent release, Big Big Star. The record, out earlier in the month, shows a bit of a change of direction from Mineo's sunny singalongs. There are touches of Afro-pop a la Vampire Weekend (i.e. the album's title track) and you'll find songs, like opener "Lucid," tearing a page from James Blake-style acoustic guitar strums with flourishes of minimal digital accoutrements.

Overall, the album delves much more into electronic realms than any of Mineo's other works, mainly because it's the first album he's recorded using the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

"I was able to just take my time and get creative and experiment with different production techniques," said Mineo in a recent interview with County Grind.

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Smitty Offers Something "Different" With Debut Album The World I See

Photo credit: Paul Pino. Also pictured: Matthew Mackle and some random.
Deriving as much influence from Pink Floyd as it did from Primus, Smitty started off in 2004 as the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist/bass virtuoso Matthew Mackle and ace ax man Brian Liebman. Rounding out their funky, ethereal sound with a regularly changing cast of drummers over the course of a decade, Smitty has played every venue South Florida has to offer, sharing the stage equally with punkers, headbangers, classic rockers, hip-hoppers, and every genre in between, perpetually the square peg in a round hole.

"I would say that our biggest strength is that we're unique -- and maybe any band would say that -- but I think that, even to a fault, we've always done what felt good, and we always tried to play beyond our abilities," says Mackle, who serves as the band's sole lyricist. "I've always tried to play things that were harder than I could comfortably play, and that's made me better as a player."

Almost ten years later, the band is in the best place it's ever been. Mackle and Liebman's dedication has been matched in full for the first time by longtime local drummer Paul Pino, and they've just released their first full-length album, The World I See. The product of a year's worth of songwriting and recording, the record runs practically the gamut of classic, funk, and hard rock while never adhering solely to one.

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Blowfly to Get Weird at Churchill's with Pals Torche and Jacuzzi Boys Tonight

At this point, everything that can be said about Clarence Reid, aka Blowfly, has been said within our digital and newsprint pages. There's little to add save for a few unknown and completely made-up facts; like when Blowfly, in full funky regalia saved schoolchildren from a burning bus in the mid '80s or when he recently coached Ministry's Al Jourgensen in the arts of humane raccoon removal. But his Churchill's Pub performance tonight is not about aggrandizing the Blowfly myth or to mark any particular anniversary in the man's six-decade long career.

No. Tonight's entry into his often confusing, but always satisfying weird world is about drummer/manager "Uncle Tom" Bowker doing right by the 'Fly and his hometown of Miami. As a longtime member of South Florida's music scene in the Da Vincian capacities of musician, journalist, label operator, producer, promoter, etc... Bowker's list of friends and foes is long and strong.

Feel free to insert your own dick joke there, but do not deny the man's influence on our musical landscape.

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Moby Sings "The Perfect Life" on Conan the Day Innocents Drops

Categories: Album Release

Credit: Eleanor Stills Photo

Moby's always been a step ahead of the game. Long given credit as a forefather of all this electronic music the kids listen to these days, he also knew that selling out was no big deal before many others. He licensed all 12 songs from his biggest album 1999's Play to be used in commercials, movies, and television. Now he knows where his current audience is.

His new album, Innocents, was properly released yesterday, but NPR has been streaming it for free for over a week. It's mostly pleasant ambient music that could nicely fill a segment break after All Things Considered ends and right before Fresh Air begins. Troubles arise when there is singing. The lyrics sung by his guests including Cold Specks, Damien Jurado, and Mark Lanegan are often inane.

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Ketchy Shuby Release S.M.I.L.E., Reminding You to "Keep Your Head Up"

Alex Broadwell

Miami 6-piece Ketchy Shuby are back at it. Known for recording tasty, well-polished tracks and rocking the funk out of the stage, it's the type of band you want to tell your friends from back home about to make them jealous of your local scene. Yesterday, Ketchy Shuby dropped their new record, Still Making It Look Easy (S.M.I.L.E.) on iTunes and it made us, well, smile.

Stepping outside the confines of their self-designated "Downtown Soul" genre, Ketchy Shuby's latest explores some new frontiers like surf rock and a classic Americana sound with their signature soulful twist. No strangers to working hard, the crew is about to release the music video for lead single "The Watermelon" and three others in the near future.

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Music South Florida Can Look Forward to This Fall


Will you look at that! The temperature has dropped from ninety two degrees to eighty seven, it's getting darker a little earlier, and football is on television. This can mean only one thing! It's already Fall.

So as you fuss over important issues like how to get your Miley Cyrus or Robin Thicke Halloween costume just right, and where exactly to buy your Tofurkey for Thanksgiving, New Times has you covered on what music South Florida has to look forward to this coming Autumn season.

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Pocket of Lollipops' Maitejosune Urrechaga: "I Always Had a Riot Grrrl Mentality"

Anthony Diaz
Live at Sweat
Maitejosune Urrechaga is a South Florida artist working in so many creative areas, that there's too many to mention in this intro: comic books, films, novels. She is perhaps best known as the "better half" of Miami's Pocket of Lollipops, a husband and wife outfit where she plays bass and shares vocal duties with her husband drummer Tony Kapel.

The duo has been instrumental in merging South Florida's stuffy art scene with a spunkier, all-fun, no-gloom attitude. The aural results are an art-punk, danceable, no wave sound that glistens in the diabetic saccharine glory of power-pop. New Times has spoken to her hubby in the past, but on the release of their latest 7" record, Letters to Larrup, we decided to check in with Urrechaga. She revealed plans for an upcoming sonic blowout set in Horse Country, gave insights into keeping a marriage successful, and spoke about her affections for the Grateful Dead.

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Serum, South Florida's Most Prolific MC, on Albums, Videos, and Hip-Hop

The Mayhem Revolution
"Womb of Infertility"

South Florida's Serum is one of the most prolific dudes in the underground hip-hop game. A creative force who has dispensed with the bullshit glitz and glam of mainstream rap, Serum's efforts have been featured within these digital pages in the past but we had not had a chance to speak with the MC about his thoughts on hip-hop and his creative process before.

It goes without saying, that he is part of a generation of local artists who are making a stamp on hip-hop and if you dear reader, have not jumped in on it, well, let's just say that it's better late than never, right? Like all good emcees, his formula works on a careful balance of subject matter, socio-political commentary and a thick and gruff voice that commands attention.

Humble and dedicated, we'd also like to point out that the he generally gives his music away for free, so there should be no excuses on your behalf. Here's what the man had to say on the recent release of his video "Evolutionary Warfare," a collaboration with Virginia MC Oz ARC Raider and Dutch producer Stijn Beats.

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-"Insurgemcees," Official Video Off New Serum and Manifesto Album

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