The Talent Farm's Kevin Burns Releases Singing Duo Brodyn's Album

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Dave Fernandez

The Pembroke Pines all ages venue the Talent Farm may no longer exist as a location, but it appears that in other way, the talent continues to flow out of this onetime essential venue.

Kevin Burns, the man behind the Talent Farm, just finished the debut full length from Brodyn, an acoustic folk duo borne of that venues many punk and hardcore shows.

"We would attend local shows regularly as teenagers and that's when we first met Kevin, or at least knew of him," said Deanna Dorta and Candice Maritato in a joint interview via Facebook. "We didn't offically meet until we started playing shows at the Talent Farm."

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Apakalypse Releases 48 Track Album, En Sabah Nur - The Lofi Master

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Apakalypse's Facebook page

South Florida rapper, Apakalypse has been one of the busier gents of the local hip-hop scene. Just this fall season he's released two full-length efforts, Future From the Past and Earth's Special Forces. Either he's been on an incredible creative kick or he simply has nothing better to do, but now he's dropped the ambitious, 48 track, somewhat conceptual album En Sabah Nur - The Lofi Master.

With a palette informed by comics and skateboarding/kung-fu culture, steeped deep in some righteous kush, Apakalypse's rhymes run the gamut of self-deprecation, spirituality, and the conceptualization of mankind as superman -- equal parts Nietzchean philosophy and Stan Lee imaginative. In the canon of Marvel Comics, the mutant villain Apocalypse has been ret-conned as En Sabah Nur, the "first one" and is hinted to be the first mutant in the X-Man ethos.

Ret-conning himself into alignment with this mentality, as eternal creator, Apak has produced a cognizant album that works on the merit of its building blocks and as a straight, uninterrupted listen.

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Gravel Kings Release Debut LP Arrows and Maps


By Olivia Feldman

Fort Pierce natives Gravel Kings have come a ways since funding their self-titled EP with a Kickstarter account a year and a half ago. Since the release of Gravel Kings last March, the folk-rock quartet has lost two members (upright bassist Mike Seniuk and drummer Johnnie Schumacher) and been signed to West Palm Beach label Decades Records, which represents other popular local bands the Band in Heaven and Wake Up.

Gravel Kings have embraced these changes with Arrows and Maps, their first full-length album, released yesterday. The upright bass has been tossed in favor of a regular bass guitar, played by James Dickens, says Zack Jones, guitarist and lead vocalist. "With James, we were able to go in a different direction with the same style," Jones says.
In preparation for recording Arrows, the band turned to the road for inspiration. Each of the album's nine songs revolves around tales of the band members' travels both within and outside of the Sunshine State.

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Shark Valley Sisters Record and Release Album, Shabbos at the Shack, in One Day

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Samantha Thrall

On Saturday, September 13, 2014, the guitarist and vocalist half of Shark Valley Sisters, Rob Elba, cryptically posted the following status on his Facebook page: "Shark Valley Sisters recording today at the legendary Shack Studios with the semi-legendary Ferny Coipel. The plan is to release whatever we come up with on Bandcamp tonight."

The resulting work he created with his partner in this musical enterprise -- the formidable drummer Fausto Figueredo -- is a three-song Internet release called Shabbos at the Shack. It is the second album by this heavy alt punk duo after its 2013 debut The Prince and the Punk. The set is a natural step forward from Elba's Holy Terrors material and Figueredo's body of work with Load -- an evolution, but not a reinvention, which is marvelous for fans of SVS.

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Corey Bost Displays Unrelenting Honesty in His Debut LP

Last year, little-known singer/songwriter Corey Bost was going through a difficult time in his life, dealing with deep family issues and broken relationships. To cope, this lifelong Fort Lauderdale native penned five songs that eventually became his debut EP, Kingdom. With nonexistent promotion and no marketing arm, Bost's collection of melancholic and cathartic songs somehow landed on iTunes' new and noteworthy page.

It was a freak occurrence that brought this unsuspecting musician a bit of notoriety. "I was going through a shitty time in my life and wrote these songs and released them myself, not really expecting much," Bost told New Times while taking a break from his day job as community event organizer for local event and media company C&I Studios.

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Should We Look Forward to Pink Floyd's New Album?

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Sayre Berman

When news trickled out last week that Pink Floyd was releasing a new album in October titled The Endless River, you couldn't help but get giddy.

For at least two generations, the British band was the soundtrack for a simpler time when you could pontificate complex subjects like the meaning of their lyrics. Was "Us and Them" about people who have been turned on to drugs and those who haven't? And was "Comfortably Numb" about how society eventually domesticates us all? Most important, was Dark Side of the Moon really recorded to be in sync with The Wizard of Oz, right down to the heartbeats matching when Dorothy puts her ear to the Tin Man's chest?

Before getting too excited about more Pink Floyd, remember the year is 2014.

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Everymen's Capt'n Bobo: "I Am Living My Dream"

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Alexis Lawson

Lake Worth does certain things exceedingly better than the rest of South Florida, like how the area breeds hippies with uncanny efficiency. Between Tacos Al Carbon and Lupitas, Lake Worth's authentic Mexican cuisine game is untouchable. Also, the city has spawned and sustained a unique music community entirely its own, one that touts a small cavalcade of artists that are developing a sound for the area to call its own.

At the center of it all is Everymen, a group that fuses punk's ethos and energy with Americana sonic cues and traditional string music for a sound that's simultaneously fresh and familiar.

Between the band's unique sound and its peerless, high-octane stage show -- which features everything from athletic tricks with an upright bass to actual fire-breathing -- Everymen already conquered its locality. In addition, it spent the past few years touring the country tirelessly, earning a small but growing national following that is sure to expand with the release of a freshly minted full-length scheduled for fall release. We spoke with the band's frontman, Sergio "Capt'n Bobo" Witis, about the band's future, the new album, and the support and love of the area.

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Everclear's Art Alexakis: "I Miss Big Guitar"


Art Alexakis has worn many hats over the years: dad, political activist, and even actor. But the role we most enjoy the tatted up, white-haired singer in is as frontman of Everclear.

The guy who gave us rock radio hits like "Father of Mine," "I Will Buy You A New Life," and "Wonderful" is stoked about the upcoming album the group is wrapping up. It's so new it doesn't even have a name yet, but Alexakis promises the album will be the "heaviest" thing the band has put out in over a decade.

Alexakis, whose band ironically shares the same name as a ridiculously strong grain alcohol, will celebrate 25 years of sobriety this Saturday. Just two days before, he'll be in South Florida for the annual Summerland Tour, a fest bursting with '90s nostalgia that includes Soul Asylum, Eve6, and Spacehog. The night of heavy guitar riffs and raspy rock vocals takes place at the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre. Alexakis talked with New Times about the new album, the tour, his sobriety, and what he misses about the the decade that launched his career.

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The Drip Effect: "We All Love Rock and Roll and Each Other"

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Miles Kipper
Let's get drippy.
Take a listen to the Drip Effect. It isn't metal, it isn't indie rock, and it doesn't quite care. The band is more focused on creating something important to itself than keeping a consistent sound for the rest of the world. This refreshing approach to music has kept the group busy behind the scenes crafting their first release, Dinosaw.

Formed by two original Raggy Monster members, the Drip Effect already has the chops to rock a crowd and hold its own. In fact, the quality of the act's live show and keen stage presence are at the top of its list of things to kick ass at. With a solid show in the bag, the band is now focused on showing off its favorite jams.

Before the official album release, we chatted with the Drip Effect about how the group got its start, why it was forced to change the band name, and what beer you should be drinking next time you catch a show.

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Killbillies Bring a Full Band to Bamboo Room Album Release Party

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Wibada Photo
Not Uma Thurman
It's probably safe to assume that Palm Beach County's bar-lovin' patrons have two things in common: They like to have a good time and they have seen the Killbillies live. This talented band makes its living crafting songs that stick in your head and put on live shows that demands attention -- all while you consume an adult beverage. There is no arguing with the fact that the band hase become a major staple on the local bar scene, and it's not by accident -- it's because people like the Killbillies.

With a solid foundation already in place, it's kicked things up a notch this past year. New members and new songs mean its stage presence evolved and that got people talking. With Palm Beach County in the palm of their hands, the guys are looking towards the future and that means they are serving up new tunes.

The Killbillies are about to release Transplant Life, their new raucous gift to the world, but not without putting on a show. Before their new CD release party this Friday, we spoke with lead vocalists/multi-instrumental players Ben Childs and Micah Scott about why they love playing drums with their feet.

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