Aces High Music Festival Presents Wayward Parade Artists Everymen and More

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Alexis Lawson
Everymen will be back from tour to play the festival.

We've said it before, and we're sure we will say it again: John Wylie is almost without peer when it comes to the sort of tangible contributions he's made over the years to South Florida's music community.

Between the man's early days playing guitar for a laundry list of seminal, influential Florida hardcore bands to heading up Eulogy Records, Wylie has always shown a peculiar knack for pulling together the community in one way or another and showing off South Florida's best side.

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Orbweaver Releases Magical Multicolored Vinyl EP

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Janette Valentine

South Florida's troupe of fearlessly experimental extremists, Orbweaver released its debut extended player Strange Transmissions From the Neuralnomicon last year to a chorus of critical interest. The media and audience were seemingly as enthralled as perplexed by the ambitious group's Lovecraftian take on heavy metal.

The limited-edition cassette of the EP -- released on Shroud Eater cofrontwoman Jean Saiz's Primitive Violence label -- was given the ultimate treatment for a band with a flair for science fiction. It includes rad extras like comic cards that feature Saiz's illustrations of characters found in the lyrics. The music is finally available as a proper vinyl release through Corpse Flower Records.

The band is slated to open many of the higher-profile metal shows coming to South Florida and has a new album in the works. Orbweaver is starting to see its hard work pay off. We spoke with the band's vocalist/guitarist and sonic manipulator at large, Randy Piro, about the vinyl release and all that is exciting for Orbweaver at present.

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MyTalkingTinder Profile Restores Faith in the Internet

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The Internet is so many things: A glorious tool for the transfer of information and ideas? Certainly. The greatest facilitator of communication humanity has ever created? Maybe. But so often, the Internet becomes a digitized version of the ooze river from Ghost Busters II -- a flowing concentration of humanity's narcissism, anger, and negative emotions surging directly into our collective psyche through screens in everywhere. However, despite its myriad constructive uses, it has also developed into an overwhelmingly useful implement for getting laid. And then sometimes, someone brilliant comes along and takes your desperation and turns it into something incredibly genius like MyTalkingTinder. Click on.

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Ariana Grande's Yours Truly Reviewed on Pitchfork's Front Page?

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At one point, Pitchfork, the music website, prided itself on introducing readers to new, interesting music. It was a gatekeeper, critiquing and analyzing songs for a discerning audience. But at some point, its mission statement must have changed.

This week, it has a review of Ariana Grande's new album, Yours Truly, on its website's front page. We don't like to bag on our own. It's wonderful that a Boca native like the young Miss Grande has found success on television and with appearances on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, but it is upsetting to see Pitchfork profiling her brand of radio-ready pop.

We're not sure what Pitchfork regulars like to read about these days; is it an album by a Nickelodeon star who relies heavily on Autotune?

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Audio Junkie Starts New Music-Focused Zine; Florida Rejoices

1 audio junkie zine thumb.jpg
For over a year, Audio Junkie's DIY documentaries have been spotlighting butt-loads of up and coming musicians from in and out of South Florida. The episodes, ranging from 6 to 18 minutes, are filled with live performances, interviews, and home-brewed animations.

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- DIY Video Journal Audio Junkie Breaks Ground in South Florida

Currently, the series is in its second season. Miami psych crooner Ricardo Guerrero, This Heart Electric, is the fifteenth act slated to be featured by brothers (and Jellyfish Brothers) Greg and Eddy Alvarez, and their creative team.
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Jon Bon Jovi Fans Losing Their Shit: Highlights From the Comments Section

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Sometimes, New Times stirs the pot. Sometimes, we put out something controversial, and sometimes, people get agitated and call us idiots and fax us letters saying they're going to murder us. It happens.

Just usually not on a mostly positive review of a 50-year-old dude playing a campy concert.

New Times Music Editor Liz Tracy reviewed last week's Jon Bon Jovi concert, and this blog post was not her idea. But man, you people are assholes.

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Blog Find: Popthomology's 31 Questionable Album Covers Found in South Florida

marianne spellman record.jpg
Marianne Spellman

Seattle-based blogger and photographer Marianne Spellman, who sometimes works with our sister paper Seattle Weekly, has been rooting through dusty old record bins here in South Florida and coming out with gold. On her blog Popthomology, she shared the post "31 Weird Album Covers From Florida Thrift/Record Stores," proving, yet again, that Florida is world headquarters for all things that are at first frightening and later funny. 

Whether you're Jewish, Hispanic, white, black, Christian, or you dig family pics with under-clothed children, there's something for you on there. We don't want to give them away all the goodie LP covers but rather direct you toward her nice list of creepy finds

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