Seven Reasons Every Straight Man Should Go to a Gay Pride Festival

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Photo by George Martinez
It's 2 p.m. on a beautifully sunny Saturday, but you and your bros are inside killing pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto and passing around a bag of pretzels. What's there to do?

"Hey, we could go to the gay pride parade," Billy suggests.

What the heck?! A gay pride parade?

You all pile on top of Billy, twisting his nipples and tickling his thighs until he can't breathe. That's what he gets for making such a gay suggestion.

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Laz Rodriguez on His Electronic Party D-ick, Doing Drugs, and Miami's Freak Scene

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Reed Dunlea

Laz Rodriguez, a skinny Mexican-Cuban who, be all night, has been pushing the weirdo party scene in Miami with his electronic party, D-ick, since July 2012.

D-ick, whose name evolved from initially being called SHHHH, has happened at Gramps, Electric Pickle, Churchill's Pub during the International Noise Conference, a house, a loft, and downtown at an old bank. It has hosted DJs Greg Beato, Alfredo Sousa, Gio Ardito, Romulo del Castillo, and Brad Lovett.

Laz and I recently sat on the balcony of a friend's apartment on Biscayne Blvd. and discussed his party, Miami, taking drugs, and generally letting your freak flag fly.

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Six More Best LGBT Punk Bands

Chainlink 'cocks: Phil Barker (left), Tony Barber, Pete Shelley, and Steve Diggle.

A couple of weeks ago, I offered a list of ten LGBT punk bands using my usual scientific approach that meets my memory's criteria. While I fervently appreciate all of your clicks on the blog, I also appreciate those who took the time to jog my memory with some obvious choices that were left out of the proceedings. We here at County Grind aim to please, and today we will correctify all wrong-doings by offering six more LGBT bands of your suggesting!

Last time I got a little cheeky and threw Madonna into the list as a bonus, in today's blog I promise no such nonsense, I've been warned sternly by my handlers and Madge's people. There is a time and place for cheekiness and County Grind is not one for such shenanigans. No siree! We strive for a little humor and musical journeys you might not undertake on your own, we certainly mean no disrespect.

See also: Top Ten LGBT Punk Rock Bands
Top 50 Punk Bands, a State by State Breakdown

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Ten Best Seinfeld Musical Moments

Categories: A Gay Ol' Time


Who could forget that time Jerry told Elaine that War and Peace was originally called "War, What is it Good For?" Absolutely no one.

Seinfeld was a show that challenged, and it enriched (your collection of "I'm really funny, no, really" quotes, if nothing else). It sometimes did that awesome thing where you're confused for a half a second before you get the joke, so you feel smarter or more sophisticated once you do -- not that there's anything wrong with not getting it immediately.

Or you cringed a bit at times, looking around for others' reactions, feeling naughty like you were making out during Schindler's List or something. Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer took your lame inner monologues, all those socially questionable queries you had, those masturbation pacts with your friends, and put it all out there, but funny-like.

We're exploring the finest musical moments the best show ever created (sorry Sopranos) has to offer weeks before Jerry comes to town for a two-day stint at Hard Rock Live Hollywood. Seinfeld purists, go to (Petula Clark's Down)town on us, and point out what we're missing in the comments.

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Top Ten LGBT Punk Rock Bands


It is my pleasure to present ten of the best bands in punkdom that embraced their LGBT roots and took to the airwaves. Am I an expert in queer theory? No. Not at all. But I know what I like, and these bands rage right there alongside their straight contemporaries. And while many of my gay friends will prefer to hear Madonna, I will endeavor to abstain from mentioning her in this list for the obvious reason.

See also: Top 50 Punk Bands, a State by State Breakdown

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Donny & Marie Bring Christmas to South Florida


It's tough to get in the Christmas spirit in South Florida, what with the eighty degree weather, the iguanas outnumbering the reindeer, and the old ladies who cut you off in traffic while saluting you with their middle fingers. But for those who want to feel like Santa Claus is actually going to come to town, Donny and Marie Osmond are bringing their kitschy and familiar brand of holiday cheer to the BB&T Center.

Criticized and ridiculed over the years for their hokey white bread brand of wholesomeness that made the TV show Hee Haw look sophisticated, the brother and sister are currently touring singing Christmas-themed songs. They'll also have ya jamming out to hits from their own catalog like "A Little Bit of Country, A Little Bit Rock 'n' Roll." Yeah, boy! This Christmas show however is known to be more a little bit Broadway, a little bit Vegas.

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Sierra Mizrahi Hosts "An Afrikan Affair" Drag Ball Tonight in Hollywood

Photo by Morgan Coleman

Sierra Mizrahi, AKA James, got her second name in the ballroom scene amid drag queens, men dressed like moms and club girls, and artists of the vogueing sort. "I knew that I wanted to be in women's clothing. I knew that I wanted to do drag," Mizrahi says. Slight and dark-skinned, Mizrahi is smart and confident, with an easy, soft laugh. Her phone is ringing off the hook, and she answers once to speak in Creole.

Although she's been in the ballroom scene for nine years, tonight is her first time planning and throwing a ball solo. "An Afrikan Affair" is taking over the Hollywood Jaycees Hall with what Mizrahi calls "an alternative fashion show." Mizrahi, like most others, was introduced to ball culture through the film Paris Is Burning. A month later, while living in Fort Lauderdale, she went to a club and encountered enthusiastic chants. It was her first ball. Though most have to be voted into a "house" and deal with an initiation process, she was immediately inducted into the House of Blahnik.

See also: Photo Recap of Face 2 Face's an African Affair at Hollywood Jaycees

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Mercury Wolff Move to NY and Raise Funds for a "Global Microphone"

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If you heard less howling in the North Miami area, that's because the bohemian musical/artistic entourage the Wolffpack migrated north to Brooklyn. Earlier this year, singer Mercury Wolff and bass player Pluto were tired of delaying their tour and with $60 combined to their name and thanks to the kindness of strangers and the power of, they were able to play venues all the way from Orlando to Atlanta to North Carolina to New York. Now the musical collective are looking for donations on to make a new Wolff Den in Brooklyn.

"We have Wolffs all throughout Miami, now we want to get some of them to New York to have a global microphone. This is going to be a house of creative expression, but I can't do this alone, I need the rest of my pack up there." explained Mercury Wolff via telephone.

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Jacuzzi Boys Release Pitchfork Approved Album; Host Release Party at Churchill's

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Miami's Jacuzzi Boys are having an album release party for their eponymous sophomore release this Saturday at Churchill's Pub. But if you want a head-start in being able to sing along to all their new songs, the album is currently streaming for free on Pitchfork.

The eleven track offering continues to show the trio's garage-rock roots, with its muffled guitars and vocals, but with the seeming intent of taking their band name literally. The new songs are warm and bubbly and strangely enough reminiscent of Phil Spector produced Ramones, only without the loud, aggressive parts.

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RuPaul Advises Henry Rollins on Romance: "Taste Everything from the Buffet"

Categories: A Gay Ol' Time

Dr. Ru on love and being a "lone wolf."
You know what's better than chicken soup or fresh squeezed orange juice when you're horizontal and coughing in a puddle of your own mucus? Someone passing along the second webisode of RuPaul Drives -- a new web series hosted by the fabulous queen of queens. The most current installment features a few of our favorite things, namely, Henry Rollins and talk of failed romance.

Presented by the all-growns-up club kid blog World of Wonder, the series fills a social and practical void. As Ru says at the beginning of each video, "Everyone in L.A. needs a lift, spiritually and physically." His real mission with Henry Rollins, he proclaims, is to "encourage him to drive himself into the tunnel of love." And even in a haze of illness, our ears perked right up waiting to hear what the former Black Flag frontman had to say about his amorous side.

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