The Band in Heaven Releases New Video for "The Boys of Summer of Sam"


West Palm Beach pedal-heavy fuzz-rockers the Band in Heaven is back at it again. The group released a new 7" last Tuesday on Chicago imprint HoZac Records. It expands on the four-piece's psychedelic, black-leather swagger.

This nifty two-song release is also seeing the light of day via cassette tape on local label Decades Records this week.

The A-side "The Boys of Summer of Sam," boasts the kind of menacing scuzzed-out riffage that would make Black Rebel Mototcycle Club jealous. The video for the song, which addresses a serious subject, premiered yesterday on Noisey.

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Flo Rida Named Grand Marshal for Winterfest Boat Parade

George Martinez

Flo Rida once boasted "Club Can't Handle It," but the Winterfest Boat Parade certainly can.

This Friday at 6 p.m., the Hard Rock Casino will host an invite-only ceremony in which Flo Rida will be named grand marshal of the boat parade while also being given a key to the city by the Fort Lauderdale mayor, Jack Seiler.

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Le Baron Pop-Up at the Delano's FDR Lounge Was the Dance Party of Art Basel 2014

Photos by Nate "Igor" Smith

Last Wednesday night, we trotted down the Miami Beach Boardwalk past Miley Cyrus wailing away with Wayne Coyne for a small crowd of the most aggressive adults ever to elbow their way past doormen and cops. We weren't interested in actually getting trampled to see Hannah Montana cover the Beatles -- as camp as that sounds. We were heading over to the Delano to the most desirable dance party that coincides with Art Basel Miami Beach, Le Baron.

This year, the roaming and alt-exclusive party was housed underground in the Florida Room now known as FDR Lounge at the Delano. The line was still short since doors didn't officially open until midnight, but that didn't keep a "Real" Housewife from scoffing at us at the door thinking we wanted to go to some magazine party by the pool.

No thanks, lady, not interested in your "chic" shindig. We wanted to dance and laugh and make new friends with smiles on their faces, not sneers.

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Tate's Comics Launches Ugly Sweater Sunday

Photo by via Flickr cc

"This has nothing to do with Bill Cosby," insists Anthony Ruiz, front desk clerk at Tate's Comics about the store celebrating its first ever Ugly Sweater Sunday.

"The idea for it came up like all our special events do, at a powwow between all the store's employees."

Although an Ugly Sweater Sunday might seem to have the makings of anti-Bill Cosby social commentary by mocking Dr. Huxtable's favorite item of clothing, the festivities at the all-things comic book related store will be much more innocent.

Anyone wearing an ugly sweater will get an automatic ten percent discount off all their purchases. But to qualify Ruiz emphasizes, "The sweater has to really be horrific to count."

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Ariana Grande Is Adorable in This Elementary School Yearbook Photo

Photo by Sayre Berman

As we watch Ariana Grande -- the miniature lady with the highest ponytail in pop since Madonna's Blond Ambition tour -- bellow into the mic on national television, like daily, we often wonder, "Did the bite-sized Boca babe actually swallow Mariah Carey?" It would explain why the American public is so hypnotized by her great big wails and also why her muffled lyrics are basically impossible to decipher.

Ariana's here to stay. And the real proof of that is, she got a real diss from The Divine Miss M when Bette Midler herself told the Telegraph she was "ridiculous" and has a "silly high voice."

They've already made up on Twitter. That is stardom at its most millennial.

Anyway. Now that you know who we're talking about, and you're up to speed on her latest drama. Please take a peek at Ariana Grande's 5th grade elementary school photo we scored from a former classmate from North Broward Preparatory School.

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Creed Singer Scott Stapp's Wife Tried to Forcibly Place Him in Rehab (Update)

Monica McGivern

There is a certain type of celebrity the world wants, yearns for, even.

It's the type of person who does everything wrong.

This person starts fights with other celebrities, burns bridges, uses copious levels of narcotic drugs, possesses a laughable sort of vanity, and lives a public life filled with contradiction. Some make their madness into a successful business -- like Charlie Sheen or any number of European royals throughout history. For others, such nonsense repeatedly results in all-out cries of oh-how-the-mighty-have-fallen: Scott Stapp, the Creed (or sometimes ex-Creed) baritone turned solo artist is just such a man.

In the past decade or so, the now-Boca-based singer has gone from working on an RIAA diamond-certified album to allegedly heading a crystal-meth-fueled conspiracy theory rager across America.

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The Exiles Brought Rockabilly and a Lost Feature on Native Culture to Fort Lauderdale

Ollie Wareham
(Left to Right) Spencer who starred in The Legacy of Exiled Ndnz, Pamela Peters, and Everett Osceola

Friday night, the Stranahan House Museum was transformed into a 1950s dance fest. At 6 p.m., Rockabilly band Slip and the Spinouts were playing music made for greasers and pre-auxiliary cord cars were displayed out front in all their shiny glory.

The reason for these festivities was not an interactive screening of Grease but rather of the lost movie The Exiles. Created in the late '50s by director Kent MacKenzie, it tells the story of three Native Americans who moved from their reservation to Los Angeles. The movie was created around the time of the Indian Relocation Act, a United States law created to encourage indigenous people to leave their reservations and move to certain cities in the U.S. where they were promised a solid job and good life.

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SuicideGirls' Missy Suicide Talks About Her "Beautiful Sorority of Badass Babes"


SuicideGirls cofounder Missy Suicide describes her most famous creation as a "beautiful sorority of badass babes from around the world." In 2001, at 24 years old, Suicide, born Selena Mooney, along with partner Sean Suhl launched this, one of the earlier, still-running social networking sites from Portland, Oregon.

If you're not familiar with SuicideGirls, it features sexy photos of hot punk and rockabilly women, decorated with tattoos and not afraid to show their boobs or their personalities.
"It has evolved over the years, but it's stayed relatively true to its initial intent," Suicide says. "As a result, it's been a kind of pioneer in the internet community space." She admits to being a web nerd herself. "The way people can use the internet to come together to exchange information, to basically connect on such a global scale, is fascinating to me. It's something I geek out about."

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Nat King Cole and Ten Other Musicians Who Sang After Death

United States Library of Congress's Music Division

Halloween might be over, but with Natalie Cole coming to town, we can't help but think of those singers who have come back from the grave to croon a bit.

Cole had a career resurgence back in 1991 when she released an album of duets with her father, Nat King Cole, titled Unforgettable... With Love. The quality that made that album both a Grammy winner and chart-busting success was that by 1991, Nat King Cole had been dead for 26 years.

Here are ten other dearly departed artists who managed to sing with the living from the afterlife.

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Lord of the Riffs Trilogy: A Weirdo Attempts to Leave or Explain the "Cult" of the Melvins


Part 1: Fellowship of the Melvins

In 2010, ABC News correctly identified legendary rock group, the Melvins as a "cult band." Meanwhile, the growing "Melvins Army" presently consists of close to a million devotees worldwide. The fact is, the Melvins are not a "rock and roll band" at all. They deliberately defy any genre or scene that may claim them as their own, for reasons which we will now expose.

After more than 20 years of investigation, we have discovered that beneath their "rock star" exterior, the Melvins are, without a doubt, a dangerous cult. An ancient fraternity, if you will, dating back to the dark and medieval days of 1983. Their live show is a Druid-like séance, with band members wearing phantom-like priestly garments. Midway through their "performance," an ethereal communion and baptism takes place. Their musical shows are ritualistic initiation ceremonies, coercing the unsuspecting concert-goer into an unearthly secret society. The band's members are like undercover agents, sent by a trust of giant insects from another galaxy.

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