Five Things to Do Under $10 This Weekend

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Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
5. The Fort Lauderdale Beach Fall Music Fest
Noon, Saturday, November 22 to November 23, at Da Big Kahuna, 17 S. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Suite 308, Fort Lauderdale. Free with online registration or with a food donation. Visit Facebook.

The boys of Beach Place music festivals are back. Dave Neri and Colby Taylor are returning with over 12 hours of local live music in plenty of different genres for very cheap. You'll hear anything from hip-hop act Fresha Got The Kush to classic rock cover band Crush jamming out to Rush.

What makes this festival different from the rest is the fact that there will be a food donation for a Thanksgiving food drive. Oh, and if you're thinking of shaving that stache, don't. There will be a Stache Off with with prizes for the winner of the best mustache in honor of No Shave November, the huge viral campaign for men's health issues such as testicular and prostate cancer.

"It's extraordinarily important that we give to the community, and every child deserves food on their plate," says Taylor. In addition, there will be special promotion giveaways by Monster Energy Gaming and Grateful J's.

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Mike Nichols, Director of The Birdcage and The Graduate Dies at 83

Categories: Obituaries, RIP

Publicity photo for Mike Nichols

This was a brutal year for fans of the 1996 box office smash The Birdcage.

There will be no Dumb and Dumber, twenty-year-later sequel for the movie that showcased South Beach as a whimsical American Riviera. This August, the film's star Robin Williams passed away and just yesterday, its director Mike Nichols died of cardiac arrest.

That comedy about a gay couple pretending to be straight helped transform South Florida's image in pop culture as packed with cocaine dealers and riddled with gangland shootings into a region of decadent brunches.

While The Birdcage has great relevance regionally and also portrayed homosexuals in a positive light before Ellen came out or Will & Grace aired, it still might be just an asterisk in Mike Nichols brilliant career.

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Planet of the Drums' "Compelling Story" to Be Documented by Local Filmmakers

Photo courtesy of Kevin Kocak
Planet of the Drums documentary creators Ronaldo Bahamon, Kevin Kocak, and Steven Brevig.

A team of South Florida filmmakers are gearing up to shoot an independent documentary on Planet of the Drums, the longest running electronic dance tour headed up by four DJs who, at the millennium, were intent on bringing drum 'n' bass out of the underground into the world.

The four-person film crew will be on-site at Will Call in downtown Miami getting footage this weekend that will be used in the feature-length documentary geared at profiling said DJs: AK1200 (Orlando's Dave Minner), DJ Dara (Darragh Guilfoyle), Dieselboy (Damian Higgins), and MC Messinian (James Fiorella).

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Archaeology and AMIT Bring Old School Drum 'n' Bass and Dubstep to West Palm Beach

Categories: DJ Mix

Archaeology members Bradley Brown, Kevin Kocak, Landon Yerby, Alex Gerhardt, and Rene Aguiar.

There's a rebirth of old school drum 'n' bass and purist-friendly dubstep happening in a particularly unlikely place: West Palm Beach.

Friends Alex Gerhardt (DJ Depth), Kevin Kocak (DJ Bownce), Landon Yerby (Dcypher), Bradley Brown (Rok Is Dead), and Rene Aguiar (The Reazin) are the five-strong beatmakers behind the collective Archaeology. They've recently decided to band together with a mission of delivering underground electronic music to the people of South Florida.

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Anberlin Two-Ticket Giveaway for November 24 Revolution Live Concert

Categories: Ticket Giveaway

Parker Young

It's not often that a band breaks up amicably. But Winter Haven-bred rockers Anberlin are consciously disbanding on good terms after 12 long years.

Touring currently to promote its album Lowborn, the guys told fans well before the group took to the road that this would be its final one together. And it's probably safe to say that, unlike Cher, this'll be it.

Given that information, you'll definitely want to see them again live one last time. Luckily, we've got two tickets to offer to Anberlin's biggest fans totally free for its Monday-night show at Revolution.

See also: Anberlin's Christian McAlhaney on the Farewell Tour and Final Album

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Aces High Music Festival Presents Wayward Parade Artists Everymen and More

Categories: About A Blog

Alexis Lawson
Everymen will be back from tour to play the festival.

We've said it before, and we're sure we will say it again: John Wylie is almost without peer when it comes to the sort of tangible contributions he's made over the years to South Florida's music community.

Between the man's early days playing guitar for a laundry list of seminal, influential Florida hardcore bands to heading up Eulogy Records, Wylie has always shown a peculiar knack for pulling together the community in one way or another and showing off South Florida's best side.

See also: Everymen's Capt'n Bobo: "I Am Living My Dream"

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Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Seminole Museum and Historic Stranahan House Museum Present Seminole Cinema Night With The Exiles

The Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Seminole Museum and the Historic Stranahan House Museum.

1958 wasn't a year known for cultural sensitivity. While Jim Crow laws were still in effect in much of this country, director Kent MacKenzie filmed a movie called The Exiles. MacKenzie gained the trust of three Native Americans as he documented their struggle over whether they should stay on their reservations or make a move to the outside world. They sadly ended up on Los Angeles' Skid Row.

The movie was lost for nearly 50 years in the back of a UCLA vault until it was restored in 2008 and began appearing in festivals. Friday, The Exiles will make its South Florida debut, screening at Seminole Cinema Night at the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Seminole Museum and the Historic Stranahan House Museum.

"At the time, Native Americans were portrayed in movies with the derogatory image of 'Me kill the white face!'" explained Everett Osceola, who helped put the night together. "This movie showed them as people."

See also: A Gay -- or "Two-Spirit" -- Miccosukee Man Fights for the Everglades

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Eight Reasons Why Swing Dancing Is for Everybody

Categories: A Gay Ol' Time

Julian Ehrlich

By Michelle de Carion

Five years ago, a friend invited me out to swing-dance in downtown Chicago. Though I'd dreamed of learning to dance as a kid, watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers twirl about, I was honestly terrified and had never taken a lesson. She assured me, "Come anyway. You'll learn."

My first night out, I took a beginner class and danced with a bunch of different people. They were all kind, understanding, and also willing to show me new things. At the time, I didn't have money for professional lessons, but I went to the weekly dances anyway, met some amazing people, and in no time I was becoming a pro. I threw myself into the swing scene and learned as I went.

Five years later, I'm now helping run a swing dance in Fort Lauderdale, and I hear people tell me the same thing I told my friend when I started, "I'm a terrible dancer." "I've never taken lessons." "I have two left feet!" But the truth is, if you really want to swing-dance, you can. With time and patience and a lot of passion, you'll be doing swingouts and Susie Q's in no time.

Cutting the rug can enrich your life in so many ways. So here are eight good reasons why swing dancing is for everybody.

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Rockin' Jake Calls Florida's Blues Scene "Quite Vibrant and Happening"

Categories: Q&A

Courtesy of Rockin' Jake

Harmonica player Rockin' Jake has spent years spreading the blues around the nation. The five-time winner of Off Beat Magazine's Best of the Beat award hails from Connecticut, but he's lived in New Hampshire, New Orleans, Texas, and St. Louis and finally settled in the great State of Florida.

Rockin' Jake has made this place his actual and musical home since 2012, playing with band members guitar/vocalist Anton LaPlume, bass/vocals Cleveland Frederick, and drummer Maurice Dukes. The eclectic singer's sound (as described on his website) can be summed up as "a hybrid of second line, swamp funk, blues, and zydeco." And although we love the local swamp vibe, it's always nice to get a little Cajun swamp blended in with it to mix things up a bit.

Rockin' Jake is performing tonight outside of the Baily Contemporary Arts Pompano Beach, also known as BaCA, for a free street festival. Food will be provided by Spanx the Hog Barbecue, and beer and wine is complementary. And as for art, there'll be three galleries' worth and a chalk mural on the street.

We sat down and spoke with the bluesy singer about the harmonica, Badmouth hot sauce, and his former home, New Orleans.

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Gummdrops, Wynwood-based Booking Agency, Takes Over Third Thursdays at Stache

Courtesy of Dean Taha

Wynwood during a Second Saturday art walk might poetically be described as a veritable Dionysian bacchanal of now sound and inner vision. Or, less poetically, as the loudest party in the largest outdoor street museum in the world. This night is unlike any other night anywhere ever, thanks to the creatives who live, work, play, and prey in the hood named Wynwood and to the people who enable those creatives.

Few are as essential to the wow of Wynwood as Dean Taha. As a board member at both Rhythm Foundation and Biscayne Waterkeeper and among the hierarchy of Ground Up Collective, Taha is in on everything from world music to saving the world. But it is as founder and head of Gumm­drops, a booking and management agency, that he influences the way the world's gonna turn. Why? Because Gummdrops reps the racketmakers who ensure the visualists get heard throughout Miami and beyond.

To that end, Gummdrops will be taking over programming at Stache 1920's Drinking Den on the third Thursday of every month, culling talent from Taha's roster. New Times sat the man down at the Butcher Shop, and asked him to bring us up to the minute.

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