Chromeo's "When the Night Falls" Remix Can Accompany Everything

Synth-heavy electro outfit Chromeo has recently unveiled that they will be releasing an EP of remixes. The first offering, available on their official Soundcloud page, was done up by mash-master, Breakbot. While the song immediately calls images of neon-lit nightclub scenes for the nostalgic, we found that the song can be subbed into almost any video, and make it that much better. A video-enhancer, if you will.

See our suggestions, and try them out for yourself, below.

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HarD/Drive Gets Communal at Churchill's This Sunday

HD final.jpg
Imagine if you will a musical jam party sometime between 1973 and 1985 hosted by the Residents but somehow, don't ask me, they've managed to travel along the delicate tendrils of time and space into the future and managed to acquire modern (i.e. 2010) technology and are able to bring it back in time and are actively filling the brains of their guests with cheese and futuristic avant garde noise!

Well, this certainly will not involve the quad of giant eyeballs and skull, but it might certainly involve you. Now that the Mad Men season is behind us, Sundays are ours for the taking again! The happening cats over at Miami's only roving gallery/venue/educational boardroom/meeting space, The End/Spring Break will be landing in Churchill's this Sunday as they'll host Carlos Rigau's HarD/Drive jam where the crowd will be encouraged to participate via the use of personal laptops, external drives and/or flash drives.

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305 Live: Local Hip-Hop News from Pitbull, Cubo, DJ Craze and more

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Photo by David "Dro" Rosario

-- Pitbull revealed yesterday that he was going to be canceling his May 31st show in Phoenix, Arizona. The cancelation comes as an open call for a protest of Arizona, after their state legislature passed the controversial Immigration Bill that has caused furious battles between liberals and conservatives across the country. In a seemingly bold move, Pitbull joins many other entertainers who are also planning to join some kind of boycott of the state in the near future to stand for what they believe is an unjust and unfair law. An official statement from Pitbull should be coming soon. [The305]

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305 Live: Local Hip-Hop News from Garcia, C9, Trina, QuEST and more

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-- One of Miami's longtime hip-hop heavyweights has got to be Garcia. Representing Crazy Hood productions, Garcia has resurfaced with a new album entitled Shattered Dreams. He held the release party for the album last night and released the album online as a free download. The album is produced predominantly by Nick Fury HD, and also features additional production courtesy of Hazardis Soundz and Big Drain. Click here to download the album. [CrazyHood]

-- The boys over at C9 have finally started moving forward with their movement. They released the first single to their upcoming C9 Compilation mixtape, which will feature a tight selection of songs comprised of their entire roster, along with guest spots from affiliates and frequent collaborators. The compilation will see a June release and its first single is called "Soul Searching," which features C9 members Phresh James and J. Nic$ trading verses, and fellow Miami collaborator Vito on the guest feature. [The305]

-- South Florida based Jim Jonsin has been making a lot of noise lately as it seems that he has been putting in production work with all of the music industry's top artists. He's also received a good deal of success on the executive side of things via his Rebel Rock imprint. If you've followed the Billboard sales charts as of late, you'd know that his artist B.O.B.'s album debuted at Number One last week with just over 80,000 units sold. The album, The Adventures Of Bobby Ray, was strongly supported by the monster single "Nothin' On You," which Jim reveals was originally supposed to go to Lupe Fiasco, but insisted that B.O.B. should call the record his own. And so it did. [MTV News]

-- Trina released her album Amazin' this past Tuesday. She's been making all of the rounds via numerous media outlets, and has definitely tried to keep her name consistently within the public's eyes and ears. While the album does have a different feel compared to her previous efforts, it definitely shows a bit of growth on her behalf. At press time, early estimates say that she will fall in the 30,000 to 40,000 sales range for her first week out. Much success to the "Diamond Princess." [Slip-N-Slide}

-- Quest released his How Thoughtful mixtape a couple of months back. But that didn't stop him from recording a very simple yet effective video for one of the tracks off the mixtape. Quest partnered up Unkle Luc (director) and Personal (co-director) for a dark video shot completely within the boundaries of a very compact elevator. Rightfully so, as the song is called "Elevator Status." Listen to the words and watch the visuals by clicking here. More Quest music is sure to come in the near future. [Vimeo]

305 Fest Promises Three Days of D.I.Y. Punk Rock Fun

Aha! Those crazy punk rock kids are at it again! The combined forces of Churchill's Pub and The Firefly join again to serve up another dumpster-dived weekend of sheer musical terror and delight known as 305 Fest.

It's a complete and total celebration of all things punk and D.I.Y. about our beloved South Florida, with much welcome assistance from a diverse ring of touring acts. Revel in the delights offered by contemporary luminaries of the local scene like Mehkago NT, Consular, Sloane Peterson, The Panix and Animals of the Arctic. Submit to the Español stylings of the punquis Eztorbo Social, Guerrilleros de Nadie and Los Bastardos Magnificos. Fall prey to the trappings of Gorilla Pussy, Copface, Dead Dog, God's Dick and Nazi Dust. Bring the kids! Get the affordable $25 weekend pass! Ride a bike! Enjoy the vegan food, beach party and breakfast! Wear jean-shorts and a sleeveless Nausea t-shirt! Panhandle for beer money! Oh no, wait, nobody likes that! Check out some stuff we blatantly took from YouTube after the jump.

305 Fest kicks off at Churchill's, 5501 NE 2nd Ave on Friday, May 7th at 7 pm, continues at The Firefly, 219 NE 20th Street on Saturday, May 8th at 10 am before closing on Sunday, May 9th at 5 pm at Churchill's. Admission is $25 for a weekend pass or $10 for Friday and Sunday and $15 for all-day Saturday. Visit, and consult for the band line-up.More »

305 Live: Local Hip-Hop News from Adela, Pitbull, DJ Khaled and more

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Photo by David "Dro" Rosario
-- DJ Khaled continues to ride the wave of success that his song "All I Do Is Win" has garnered. Since releasing the song, he's received tons of iTunes downloads for it. So I guess as a thank you of sorts, Khaled recruits pretty much all of the most relevant rappers of today...and gets them on a remix for the song. But the fact that he got Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, Puff Daddy, Nicki Minaj, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Swizz Beatz and T-Pain on one track isn't the story here. The story here is that Khaled is actually rapping on this track. Yes, rapping. This is a must listen. [2DopeBoyz]

-- Pitbull took to San Juan, Puerto Rico last night to perform at the 2010 Latin Billboard Awards. And of course "I Know You Want Me" was the song of choice as it was one of the biggest international records of 2009. Pitbull won the 2009 Digital Artist Of The Year award at last year's show, but big winners of this year's presentation was Aventura, who picked up nine trophies. [Billboard]

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305 Live: Local Hip-Hop News from Luke, Ghostwridah, Brianna and more

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Image Courtesy of: C. Stiles
Miami New Times columnist and Miami bass legend Luther "Luke" Campbell will be honored at this year's rendition of the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors, along with the group he made history with: the 2 Live Crew. The awards show will be taped on June 3rd, and then will air on June 7th at 9:00 PM EST. Luke was reached for comment and responded that while honored, he had mixed feelings on the award show, more so because they took so long to actually honor him and his southern hip-hop counterparts. His exact words were: "My fans are the only reason I am doing this. I said f**k this after they did Too Short before me." [Allhiphop]

Poe Boy's princess, Brianna, recently did a photoshoot with local photographer Derick G. If you don't know about Brianna, you don't know what you're missing. She's young, but she raps like a veteran. She knows exactly what she's doing and has definitely established herself as one of Miami's brightest emerging talents. Well, Derick G released a behind the scenes video that gives you a little glimpse into their photoshoot. See it by clicking here. [Derick G]

Ghostwridah just launched his new website, and also released a new freestyle done in honor of Guru (of Gang Starr) who recently passed away this past Monday. Ghostwridah is still in the recording process for his upcoming project In Love With My Future and you can definitely expect various side projects coming out of the Ghostwridah camp. [Ghostwridah Blog]

Rick Ross confirms Diddy as his manager. Ross phoned in to the Rickey Smiley Show earlier this week to divulge the official notice that Sean Combs has taken up manager duties (or co-management duties) for Rick Ross from here and on out. Its definitely a good merger and if the past couple months serve as any proof, these two will definitely have some good music coming our way. Ross also mentioned that we should look forward to a couple big announcements leading up to the June 29th release of his fourth studio album, Teflon Don. [The305]

Def Jam and Slip-N-Slide signee Shonie, comes back into the groove of things after releasing her Pieces Revealed EP a couple months back. The new song is entitled "Bedroom" and picks up right where she last left off. Definitely look forward to more music from Shonie in the coming months. [DJ Booth]

305 Live: Local Hip-Hop News from Jacki-O, Jim Jonsin, Rick Ross and more

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-- Basic Vocab has just released their album A Better Way. The album will officially receive its nationwide release on April 27th, but they did a special iTunes early release this past Tuesday where you can get the album at $7.99 for a limited time. Conscious hip-hop from Miami never sounded this good. Basic Vocab consists of smooth beats and smooth rhymes. Their first single "Just Dance", which features Amir is out now as well making its rounds. Get the album today. [iTunes]


-- South Florida based Jim Jonsin recently opened up about getting to work with Eminem on his newly named project The Recovery. Jim said he had a great time working with Em, but didn't want to divulge much information just yet. He did however note that the fans are going to love it and that the new album will feature songs reminiscent to Eminem back in his early days. [MTV News]

-- Jacki-O prepares to hit the music scene once again after taking her stab authoring a book. She's slated to release a new mixtape hosted by New York's DJ Kay Slay. The mixtape is called Griselda Blanco: La Madrina, obviously inspired by the female drug kingpin famously showcased in the Cocaine Cowboys documentary. She's released a couple teaser records off the tape recently, but will release the tape in its entirety in a couple weeks. [Twitter]

-- Artofficial is preparing to release their long awaited The Payback project on April 23rd. The 12-track album will be available free of charge at numerous websites including ArtOfficialMusic.Net, Illroots.Com, DJBooth.Net to name a few. Expect a dozen tracks of quality music done the best way that Artofficial knows how. [ArtOfficial]

-- Rick Ross has been ordered to pay $300,000 to DJ Vlad after a violent altercation that left Vlad with a broken eye socket. The alleged incident took place at the 2008 Ozone Awards in which Vlad claims he was set up by Ross and his associates. A New York Federal court jury seemed to see some validity to the incident and awarded Vlad with $250,000 in punitive damages and 50,000 in compensatory damages. Rick Ross dismissed the decision by telling MTV that, "after court expenses, the plaintiff may get $40 or 50K. I'm blessed to be in the situation I'm in. Four mil was at stake. It's behind me." [Allhiphop]

-- Pitbull is preparing to tour the U.S. in what seems to be his biggest tour to date. Pitbull has teamed up with AEG Live for a 25 city tour that starts on May 25 at the 1stBank Center in Denver and continues through June 28 with a final show at the Milwaukee Summerfest. While no Miami dates were added to the tour, rest assured that there have been and will be many opportunities to see Pitbull perform in Miami free of charge. So no need for us Miamians to feel left out. [The305]

305 Live: Local Hip-Hop News from Pitbull, Jigg, Ghostwridah and more

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Photo by David "Dro" Rosario
Two of the biggest selling Latino hip-hop artists join forces for the sake of good music. Legendary rap group Cypress Hill has tapped Miami's own Pitbull to join them on their new single "Armada Latina". They recently shot a music video for the vintage sounding song and premiered it via MTV yesterday. Cypress Hill's Rise Up is due in stores on April 20, 2010. [MTV

Liberty City's Jigg has his High Grade project coming out soon - supported by the soon-to-be-released "Big Faces" single that features J. NIC$ on the chorus. Jigg is undoubtedly one of Miami's brightest newcomers that you need to pay attention to. High Grade is still in the final recording phase, but is coming out soon nonetheless. [Twitter]

Ghostwridah is also still in the recording process for his album In Love With My Future. A project that he is gladly taking his time on to ensure its quality. In the meanwhile, he is also prepping the launch of his new website, as well as gearing up for the release of a new video for his "Just Begun" freestyle directed by Dre Films. The video, which was shot in Austin, Texas during his trip to SXSW, should be dropping next week. [DreFilms]

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Sunset 7 Latin Rock Showcase at the Vagabond

Well, downtown Miami is not known for its Latin rock flavorings, but this coming Sunday at the Vagabond there will be a nice showcase of local talent that falls into that Latin rock category, albeit with each act adding its own spices and roots; from the straightforward rock to the electro-tinged to hints of salsa and cumbia. Dance music if you will. The press junket says the show will take place in the patio, which is not a good idea in my opinion since bands tend to sound a little tinny and flat out there, but I guess they'll be taking advantage of the early doors and the dying light. On the roster will be Odas, the guitar-stylings of Leo Ortegon, the rock of Mala Morticia (formerly Tercer Sur), local splash-makers Origen and Atajos. DJ Jz Garzia will deliver the sounds between sets and though I cannot guarantee that you'll be witnessing the next Aterciopelados, Soda Stereo or Los Enanitos Verdes, for seven bucks cover and some nice weather, you could do worse for a Sunday afternoon. Check out a video of Origen doing "Coexiste" after the jump.More »

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