No, WLRN, You Don't Have to Leave South Florida to Hear Rock 'n' Roll

Monica McGivern

Last week, WLRN ran a positively ludicrous piece suggesting that fans of rock 'n' roll "might have to leave Miami" to enjoy a good bit of organically made sonic piss and vinegar.

While we know all too well the area's reputation through our own efforts to extol and defend South Florida's validity as a rock 'n' roll town, WLRN's story failed to dig past the experiences of a scant two bands and a single club owner and, in doing so, failed every single person working hard to disprove the notion that this is a place so inhospitable that only DJs and bottle service can survive here.

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Help Keep Blowfly From Going Homeless!

Categories: 305 Live

UPDATE: With the help of some loyal fans, Blowfly has raised enough money to keep a roof over his head. He's now doing what he loves the most, touring and performing for the people who enjoy his music.

Click here for Blowfly's Indiegogo campaign page.
Clarence Reid and his alter ego Blowfly have released hundreds of songs and albums since starting a recording and songwriting career in Miami in the early '60s.

From straight ahead pop hits like Betty Wright's "Cleanup Woman," to groundbreaking classics like "Rapp Dirty," he's been cited as an influence by the likes of The RZA and Snoop Dogg, both of whom grew up listening to his dirty party records.

And now, he needs the world's help to raise $11,000 and save his house from reposession by the County tax appraiser. Here's what Blowfly and his manager/bandmate Tom Bowker had to say about the situation and their Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund his way out of it.

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MC LMS Weighs In on the Lil Wayne Debacle: "Not Through Threats and Physical Violence but Through Music"


LMS is one of the handful of local MCs whom we like to write about because of their sheer dedication to the game, productivity, sense of community, and in hopes that the locals will awaken to realize the awesome amount of hip-hop that is basically everywhere in South Florida.

While our very own yeyo-addled puppet, Mr. Pepe Billete, already called Lil Wayne out on some shit, LMS is the first of South Florida's hip-hop community to retort musically, and while the result is a sharp-tongued dis to the aptly likened-to-a-Mogwai-after-being-doused-with-water Wayne, the track is a solid jam that delivers on some keen pop-culture humor.

It's wordplay like this that should be noted and revered, not the vomitus afterbirth Mr. Carter continuously pelts his fans with.

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Audio Junkie Starts New Music-Focused Zine; Florida Rejoices

1 audio junkie zine thumb.jpg
For over a year, Audio Junkie's DIY documentaries have been spotlighting butt-loads of up and coming musicians from in and out of South Florida. The episodes, ranging from 6 to 18 minutes, are filled with live performances, interviews, and home-brewed animations.

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Currently, the series is in its second season. Miami psych crooner Ricardo Guerrero, This Heart Electric, is the fifteenth act slated to be featured by brothers (and Jellyfish Brothers) Greg and Eddy Alvarez, and their creative team.
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Miami Native and Former Harry Pussy Guitarist Bill Orcutt Plays Brooklyn

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Miami's eclectic, schizophrenic contributions to musical history run the full color spectrum and are recently being documented by our sister publication Miami New Times. From 2 Live Crew to the Miami Sound Machine to Phoenicia to the Laundry Room Squelchers, our identity as a geographically isolated and completely mentally fucked city is special. No other group personified this dementia better than 1990s act Harry Pussy.

Beginning in 1992, main members Adris Hoyos (drums, vocals) and Bill Orcutt (guitar) crafted insane, complex compositions that came off sounding like a harrowing mess to any listener not willing to commit to the insanity. You had to fully give yourself to the hysteria: The sounds emanating from Hoyos' frenetic vocal and drum assaults (sometimes playful, sometimes destructive) and Orcutt's guitar work that barreled through the room like a freight train of desire, emotion, and unbridled fucking rage that could suddenly and seamlessly transition into soft guitar meanderings from one beat to the next. 

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A Little VJ Set in Honor of this Weekend's 305 Fest


Read interview with 305 Fest organizer and Speedfreek's Roger Forbes 

305 FEST is rapidly gaining status across the land (and in the international underground) as the hallmark festival of all things heavy. With big thanks to the savvy promoters behind Speedfreek productions, this weekend's going down in the history books.

It's reminiscent of long-gone festivals like the Slap-a-Ham fest in California and the Twin Cities hardcore extravaganza that I believe was orchestrated by Profane Existence and Exteme Noise Records.

Not that Florida is short on massive punk rock gatherings, there's still the legendary No Idea gala known simply as "The Fest" which is always a good bet and not too far of a drive, but now... Now we can claim one of our own.

Since I've been loosened on the short leash and we're actually encouraged to share our tastes here, why not post a little appetizer for this weekend's musical mayhem? That's right, it's VJ time!

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Roger Forbes on Speedfreek's Signature Style, the Miami Twist, and 305 Fest

Roger and Rick - Speedfreek.jpg
Over the years, a fair share of music promoters have made their respective marks on the local music scene. While some have come and go, many others have soldiered on in thankless capacities. Their contributions have been at the forefront of making (or at least trying to make) South Florida a viable and lucrative destination for touring bands.

As of recent, the local punk and hardcore scene received a much-needed shot in the vein thanks to the efforts of the Speedfreek crew. Roger Forbes and Torche's Rick Smith developed a unique way of bringing bands to our backyard. We recently had a chance to catch up with one-half of Speedfreak, Roger Forbes, to shed some light on their approach and on the upcoming and promising 305 Fest 2012.More »

Download Serum's New Hip-Hop EP Daydream of Nightmares for Free

Serum daydream.jpg
Paranoid, jazzy, awesome.

Serum is rapidly becoming one of our area's most prolific hip-hop personalities. I'm talking Tupac postmortem prolific. He can't seem to slow down or isn't at all interested in taking a breather. That might not bode well for his cardiovascular health, but shit, we'll be reaping the benefits like gangbuster.

Here we find the young MC continuing his explorations into the darker side of hip-hop's possibilities. I sense a spiritual connection with Kool Keith and the exciting atmosphere of the underground hip-hop of the late '90s. I'm also a big fan of his delivery, which, given the muted gruffness of his voice, comes through like jangled hiccups from beyond.

That might seem a little weird, but it fucking works.

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Trailer Park Suicide: HYPE and D.O. Bring It with "Kamikaze" (Video)


Without galvanizing sentiments about WWII and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, let's just, for the sake of music, assume that "kamikaze" is a bomb of sorts mired in gloomy suicidal thoughts. Okay. Today we have the newly released One Crown Productions video for HYPE's track "Kamikaze" and it's everything you want in a southern hip-hop song.

With a twist.

Gone is the usual glamour of hip-hop in which the bling is idolized and the women look like CGI dreams come true. There's no Gucci here, no Escalade with accessories that cost three times my year's salary. No, this song goes down in a trailer park and if you're not jonesing for an ice-cold Steel Reserve afterwards, then you're not having as much fun as the flag-waving puro in the beginning.

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2 Live Crew's Five Nastiest Songs -- Hear Them at Delux Tonight!

​Free speech/swear word pioneers 2 Live Crew are gonna spit some sweaty, dirty and lustful Miami Bass all over Delux in Delray Beach. We're positive that when Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis hit the stage -- sadly, without Luke "Skyywalker" Campbell -- they're gonna rap nasty over their crassest hits. The proceeds from the show are going to benefit famine relief in Somalia. So, when they get the crowd involved in a call and response of "When I say S, you say E, when I say X, you say sex!" they are really saying "Feed the world, and make it a better place!"

The Crew's place in local music history is cemented in rock hard stone. Growing up in South Florida in the late '80s/early '90s, most of us had the most precious, most vulgar, most booty blasting tape safely hidden under all our other parent-safe cassettes. Underneath the Cassingle of Fresh Prince's "Nightmare On My Street" and purposely mislabeled "Ghostbusters," there it was, a copy of a copy Move Somethin'. It's an album that taught us every single word we weren't supposed to say.

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