PureHoney's Three Year Anniversary Brought Sweet Indie Goodness to Respectable Street

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Monica McGivern

Back on the outside patio, local teenage duo Jude sounded exactly how you wanted it to. The act made an internet splash when releasing "Crystals" on Soundcloud this May. Playing only its sixth show, Jude brought its minimalistic, electronic sound to new fans. Wearing all black, Kevin Neal focused on guitar, keys, and synth while Sydney Morris' vocals brought human sounds to the songs.

Sweet Bronco, one of the most buzzed about bands of the night, rocked the inside stage like one big happy family. Original West Palm rockers the Alleys brought its brand of punk to the patio with potentially the most energetic bass playing of all time, leading right up to the headlining Roadkill Ghost Choir.

Monica McGivern

Featured on Late Night With David Letterman earlier this year, Deland's Roadkill Ghost Choir has nearly perfected the folk rock genre. The crowd was more than pleased. Finally, the Plastic Pinks closed out the show with some Miami garage rocking.

The PureHoney-supplied indie energy thrived at this three year celebration. We'll see you at number four in 2015. Just remember to bring your tattoos and dancing shoes.

Monica McGivern

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Respectable Street

518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, FL

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