PureHoney's Three Year Anniversary Brought Sweet Indie Goodness to Respectable Street

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Monica McGivern

What have you accomplished in the past three years? While we're pretty sure you didn't just sit on your ass (no offense if you did), chances are also good you didn't start a music rag from scratch or contribute as much to the local cultural scene as Steve Rullman did. The founder and publisher of PureHoney magazine, has been very busy. His music-filled monthly publication can be found in basically every bar from Clematis to Wynwood and back, easily accessible to the show-going masses.

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To celebrate three stellar years of show schedules, band interviews, and artist showcases, Rullman did it the right way with a handpicked seven band lineup and a free show at Respectable Street this past Friday. Unlike your typical audiences, the crowd was there before the first band, Boynton Beach rockers the Psymatics, even got started.

Monica McGivern

The Psymatics sucked everyone in, whipping through catchy and well-crafted garage jams. When the strong female vocals and the lady run drumsticks hit, they hit hard. It was nice to see the VMA stage isn't the only one concerned with feminism. The Psymatics even covered the Weeknd's 'Wicked Games' before closing out with a triple guitar fury.

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Next was the rush inside to see Decades Records-signed Gravel Kings. The indie folk band plays its best shows surrounded by bands outside its genre. Bringing their finest stringy goods, Gravel Kings treated the audience to songs off their new album Arrows and Maps due out on September 23.

Monica McGivern

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Respectable Street

518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, FL

Category: Music

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