Beatriz Monteavaro and Priya Ray Curate Echos Myron Exhibition with Art by Musicians

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Bleeding Palm Untitled, 2013

Art and music have long collided within South Florida. Well before Miami became linked with Art Basel and certain neighborhoods were taken over by galleries, South Florida's arts scene was alive and vibrant, maybe not as in your face as it is now, but there nonetheless. Two artist/musicians who have seen the region's growth have been former Floor drummer, Holly Hunt's Beatriz Monteavaro and Kreamy 'Lectric Santa's Priyadarsini "Priya" Ray.

As members of seminal Florida bands, their names will forever be etched into the canon of Florida's underground music scene. Both women happen to be visual artists, and as such, offer a unique perspective on the cross-genre work of musicians creating visual art and visual artists creating music.

The upcoming Echos Myron exhibition at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood takes its name from a Guided By Voices song. This group show concentrates on the creative collectivity of a particular and diverse group of artists, drawing from a pool of over three decades worth of work. We had a chance to speak with Beatriz and Priya about the show.

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"Ouroboros" - Beatriz Monteavaro at Emerson Dorsch

New Times: Let's discuss first how you two decided on doing this project.
Beatriz: This was originally a show Priya was putting together a few years ago with a mostly '90s scene angle. She was not able to secure a space at that time. The opportunity to curate a show was presented to me by Jane, and the only thing I wanted to curate was something like what Priya wanted to do a while back. So I asked her if she'd want to co-curate it with me.

What is the particular reason of the show's title? What is it about a 20 year old Guided By Voices song that encompasses the idea of musicians and visual artists and musicians who are also visual artists exhibiting together?
Priya: That's a question I'll leave for Betty because she decided on the name. I believe she chose that song because it describes the excitement or energy that exists when music and art is created from a world of passion rather than the consumption.

Beatriz: An echo is a repeated reflected sound. Myron was a Greek bronze sculptor.

Do you both agree that there is an intrinsic link between the two disciplines?
Beatriz: Absolutely

Priya: I believe there is an intrinsic connection between all forms of expression. Music, art, architecture, even engineering. I believe that the connection is human expression and it can come in all sizes and shapes and is not only limited to music and art.

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Art and Culture Center of Hollywood

1650 Harrison St., Hollywood, FL

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