T-Pain Brought the House Party to Revolution for the Drankin Patna Tour, August 12

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Ian Wilen

Kids who've lived in Tallahassee know that town has some awesome house parties, so it makes sense Tallahassee boy and multiplatinum artist T-Pain would theme his latest tour around that house-party vibe.

He converted the Revolution stage into a living-room hangout, complete with comfy couches, bottles of liquor, girls in short-shorts and T-shirts dancing, and a nice rug to tie it all together. It brought us back to our college days pretty hard. Not that we were ever lucky enough to party with T-Pain, but you get the idea.

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It turns out T-Pain is an incredible entertainer. Despite what the Auto-Tune reputation might have you believe, he's a powerful singer. He's also a really funny comedian and a hell of a dancer, which makes up for the fact that he isn't one for getting shit started on time.

Ian Witlen

What was supposed to pop off at 8 p.m. didn't really get going until about an hour and a half later. We'd heard there were at least a couple of scheduled openers, and we were worried it might take all night just to get to hear some Teddy Bend-Her-Ass-Down, but T-Pain is a smart fella. Instead of having his friends open for him, he worked their sets into the house party.

He hit the stage and opened the show for himself, turning the crowd up and getting the place excited, and after a few songs, we heard a doorbell ring.

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"I got some people coming through tonight," he told us. "I need y'all to help me answer the door." We were instructed to ask, "Who is it?" every time we heard the doorbell go off. It took the audience only a few rounds to get it down.

Ian Witlen

He moved through his first set, taking control of the crowd as "Ringleader Man," backed by a full band to make the beats that make the girls' "Booty Wurk." After his remix of "Black and Yellow," we were joined by our first guests, Mykell Vaughn and the fellas of Lefeu Music Group. He hyped the crowd with remixes of hits like "Lifestyle" and "No Flex Zone," but it's hard to match the energy of the one and only T-Pain.

The crowd perked back up when the now-dreadless Rappa Ternt Sanga returned. He was swinging hard, moving through "I'm Good," "Blame It (On the Alcohol)," and then taking it back old school for the fans with "I'm Sprung." The whole time he was breaking it down on choreographed moves, telling the story of the songs with his body in a way you don't see most rappers even attempt. From his giant alien-bling microphone to his highly animated persona, T-Pain is a true entertainer in every sense of the word and honestly deserves a lot more attention from the mainstream crowd.

Ian Witlen

After instructing us to take our shirts off, the doorbell rang and we greeted our next guest, Rich Kidz 4 Life, or RK4L as they're apt to be called. People kind of milled about as they waited for Pain to come back, not that the Kids weren't given it all they had.

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