Linkin Park, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Carnivores Tour - Cruzan Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach - August 8

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Sayre Berman

Thirty Seconds to Mars took the stage a little earlier than scheduled this past Friday night at Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach. Fans hungrily lurking about the Carnivores tour's merch table and those grabbing their second round of beers ran back to their seats to provide Jared Leto and co. with a very warm welcome.

The man who doesn't age, Leto, rushed out donning a gold crown and what looked like a priestly purple robe, nothing exceptionally new for a guy whose well known for being a little eccentric. He bears a great resemblance to a white Jesus with his long hair, full beard, and that angelic mug. The ecclesiastical getup highlighted his holy, natural look.

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Sayre Berman

The crowd was pumped as the band started things off with a song from its new album Love Lust Faith + Dreams entitled "Birth." Fans went crazy as Leto sung his heart out, providing raw and beautiful vocals. Next, it performed "Night of the Hunter" and "Search and Destory." While the majority of the songs played during the set were off the newest album, the band did make a point to please older groupies with a very special acoustic performance of "The Kill" which Leto presented alone on stage. It was just a singing Jesus, an acoustic guitar, and the backing vocals of the crowd, which sung along and hung on to his every lovely word.

The set felt a bit like a party as the crowd was rewarded with giant beach balls which seemed to appear out of nowhere and a giant supply of confetti. And while that might sound like something you'd expect to find at gay pride or a Ke$ha concert, it was a helluva lot of fun. Everyone got even more amped as the band performed new hits like "City of Angles," "Conquistador," and "End of All Days."

Sayre Berman

But nothing topped what happened when Leto decided that he really wanted to get us excited. After cracking a few jokes -- pointing out one guy who was "smoking a joint under a palm tree" and letting a certain dude know that, "She's never going to call you back if you don't get up off your ass and jump" -- he rushed off the stage jumping into the crowd. He bypassed the pit completely and went further, past the box seats, and further, until he was directly in front of our seats.

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The ladies went absolutely nuts with lust as Leto jumped onto a chair and continued to serenade everyone as he was being pawed at and holding hands with some very lucky females, including myself and my guest. Because when Jared freaking Leto is right in front of you, you have to take advantage of that opportunity.

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Coral Sky Amphitheatre

601-7 Sansburys Way, West Palm Beach, FL

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Seriously?!, "@JaredLeto "bears a great resemblance to a white Jesus"? You really had to identify WHICH Jesus you were comparing him to?


Ashley, I will admit that Leto was a lot of fun but cannot agree on your take with Linkin Park. They played seven less songs then their rehearsal on Wednesday night. Further, the lighting and background was totally off. Half of the mix solo was completely in the dark cause of the change of the set list.

Further, the bass was so off that it sounded like a cheap car stereo in a 1998 Honda with air bag suspension going down the road. I have gone to almost a dozen Linkin Park concerts and it was by far the worst.


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