Holly Hunt's Gavin Perry: Guitar Heroes of South Florida

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What gauge of strings do you use?
Right now I'm using a .68 top and a .14 bottom, so I guess on most sets it's a baritone medium?

I came to EGC from watching Torche, watching Floor, talking to Jonathan (Nunez), knowing about the Melvins and King Buzzo. There was a thing about them and I wanted to feel it for myself and I didn't quite have the courage to ask somebody to let me borrow their guitar for a while and play on it. Maybe there's a little bit of superstition there, too, like, "Don't play my guitar because it's my guitar and all of the sweat and blood on it is mine, and there are many like it, but this one is mine!"

So I bought one. Jonathan actually told me a story awhile back when I was looking at some Gibsons and he said, "Look, man, pick it up: If it doesn't help you write a riff in the first five/ten minutes, it's not the guitar for you." So, I get this guitar in the mail and I pick it up and sure enough I'm feeling great about it and writing stuff and this one was now talking to me and telling me what to do.

How many EGC guitars do you own at this point?
I have three solid, neck-thru aluminum bodied guitars and one that is a bolt-on neck.

I saw that you recently did a pretty serious modification to one of them that required you to hack into the aluminum to upgrade the pickups. That's pretty insane considering the cost of an EGC guitar!
There's a proprietary set of pickups that come in the EGCs, and those pickups are great, but I just wanted to test out something with a slightly different tonal characteristic, just to see. So I got into it thinking, "Alright, should be pretty easy to do, I've changed pickups before. No big deal." I opened it up and realized that this is nothing at all like a normal set up.

So, some people might have decided to move on and just leave it alone, but I that's not my way. I have the tools, I have the skills, I can do this! It took awhile, but I did it. I posted pictures and Kevin (of EGC) actually saw the pictures online and said that it looks like great work!

I was definitely trying not to cut it up, I was trying to find any way I could to not have to make irreparable alterations, but even when I did, I tried to make it unseen so no one could see it if I had to go back to the original pickups.

Besides Townshend, who would you cite as a major guitar influence?
Yeah, I definitely have people who inspire me. Obviously in the heavy genres, people like King Buzzo, Dylan Carlson, Justin Broderick, Steve Brooks, the list is huge. There are so many great players out there! It's pretty humbling to think that there's a possibility for a guy like me to actually play with people like this.

Opening for Earth was probably the most thrilling experience of my life! I had this perception of what I thought Dylan Carlson would be like, but he wasn't that guy. He was the first guy out of the van with a merch box on his shoulder, the first guy to say, "Hey man, that was a great set! I really like your gear, I really like how you guys sound!" and I was 12 years old all of a sudden!

Prometheus is getting a ton of love and I personally think it's a fantastic followup to Year 1.
We're working on a split with a really killer band from Belfast called Slomatics. They're really heavy. In another interview, we were asked about social media. Here's what's awesome about Facebook and Bandcamp and all of that: You meet people that you would never possibly run across, and suddenly 3,000 miles is reduced to a couple of key strokes, and now you can speak to these people on a daily basis about bullshit. It's pretty thrilling! So, we met these guys via the internet and we really loved their sound and they said they were working on some stuff for splits and a 7-inch and they thought we would work great, so we were more than thrilled!

I think being that the band is so powerful and loud live, people sometimes fail to see how deliberately and carefully you've selected your sounds, and how much more goes into making your sound than just turning it up.
I want to make you feel it, but I don't want to make you feel pain from it necessarily. But this is not willy nilly, this is not just run all the pedals at their max. That to me doesn't sound as good as tweaking it and whatever.

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