Electric Cabo Carnival This Saturday: DJ Supreme 1 Says, "I Will Play Whatever Makes the Ladies Dance"

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Billing itself as the first ever EDM festival in Palm Beach Gardens, Electric Cabo Carnival is raving out on Saturday night at Cabo Flats. It's all free and sponsored by big booze names like Ketel One, Budweiser, Don Julio, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, and even Monster energy drink to amp it up to the next level.

The all-night affair boasts seven DJs including DJ Robert Petroni, Zhantra, DJ Jayr, Mister Grey, Reflex, and Baybes. Co-headliner of the fest, DJ Supreme 1 was more than excited about the upcoming event when New Times caught up with him. "We're going to have some great EDM, but what I still refer to as house music," he clarified. "We have a really good amount of DJs and dancers."

The sonic mixologist recounted how he first found himself attracted to electronic music after enlisting in the Navy. "I was in a submarine. House music was all I listened to, and it kept me going for the five years I was at sea. When I got out, I came to Florida and hit the scene hard."

He's been DJing Thursday Ladies' Nights for three years at the venue, even though his work schedule is very intense. He spins five or six nights a week. But still, when the promoters of Electric Cabo Carnival called for his services, he jumped at the chance. "We're definitely going to have a good amount of house music, some mash-ups. To be honest, I will play whatever makes the ladies dance."

When asked how he was prepping his Saturday night set, or more precisely early Sunday morning set, DJ Supreme 1 replied, "Before the event, there isn't much preparation. I make a playlist. I'm constantly downloading music." But then as if harkening back to the isolated depths of the bottom of the ocean of his Navy days, he embraced the community surrounding the DJ booth. "The real preparation can only come when you see the crowd."

Electric Cabo Carnival, 10 p.m. to 3 a.m., Saturday, August 10, at Cabo Flats, 11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave., #5101, Palm Beach Gardens. It's all free.



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Cabo Flats Cantina and Tequila Bar

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