The 15 Most #Selfie Obsessed Musicians

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5. DJ Khaled
If you follow the We the Best and Maybach Music Miami mogul on Instagram, your feed just might be blowing up all day long. With close to 1,0000 posts on his page, DJ Khaled's got plenty to choose from to comment on, but he's most notorious for his video selfies.

4. Jared Leto
Rock God of our hearts, Jared Leto's been sporting a sort of Jesus Superstar look while on tour. He has tons of selfies on his Instagram for the countless women and men in love with his beard and ombre locks. You can also check out his failed attempt at making vegan pancakes, his countless pictures in very tight pants, and one of him sitting upon his game of thrones.

3. Selena Gomez
This Disney sweetheart's Instagram is probably no different than that of any other popular teenage girl, well, except for the fact that other celebs frequently pop up in a lot of her selfies, not to mention the ones she takes while surrounded by a crowd of her fans.

2. Taylor Swift
We've actually seen comments on the web about how Taylor Swift practically owns Instagram because she posts so many pictures. Amongst the kittens, flowers, and fresh baked cookies are selfies with her and some of her famous friends, including Lorde and Ed Sheeran.

1. Chris Brown
Breezy's Instagram is full of shots of his kicks and other swag, group shots with friends, lot of shirtless pics, and tons of selfies, although he just might be more in love with his sneakers than he is with himself.

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