The 15 Most #Selfie Obsessed Musicians

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9. Lady GaGa
Mother Monster doesn't post frequently on Instagram, but when she does take the time, it's almost always a selfie. This is no joke to Gaga, since she almost always has a serious look on her face while posing for her often creative selfies.

8. Drake
It's no surprise that RiRi's alleged ex is on this list. Selfie lovers attract one another. Champagnepapi posts a ton of self-indulgent snap shots. He's even got the whole pouting move down. Maybe Rhianna taught him that one.

7. Beyoncé
Another pouty-lipped lady, Beyoncé's Instagram is filled with posed shots, high fashion, quotes, and selfies. We will give her this, even her sexy shots are classy more than raunchy, protecting her from the Instagram censorship trolls.

6. Nicki Minaj
Not exactly a shy girl, Nicki Minaj loves to show off her assets, especially her derriere of which she has plenty of shots. However, we doubt she's flexible enough for those to be selfies... Though the occasional, innocent and clean-faced selfies do make an appearance, they're not what make her Instagram so popular.

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