Ten Best Instances of the Go-Go's in Movies and TV

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7. Rules of Attraction
As Jessica Biel snorts coke and talks shit in this 2002 coming of age movie, the song in the background is the fast paced "Lust to Love."

6. Solid Gold
Nothing quite oozed the '80s like this weekly show that counted down the hits. It featured appearances by the Go-Go's several times, but their 1982 performance of "Our Lips Are Sealed" stands out as so ridiculously frenetic you can almost feel the cocaine in your septum. The show's hosts interrupt mid-song to tell you to expect songs by Billy Joel and Neil Sedaka, but they get off the screen in time to hear Jane Wiedlin hark like a fallen angel, "Hush my darling, don't you cry."

5. Fahrenheit 9/11
"Vacation" is the most used of any of the Go-Go's songs as it is shorthand for showing characters from The Simpsons to The Rugrats getting a little r&r, but documentarian got all political using the song to show how George W. Bush lived the life of leisure spending 43% of his presidency before 9/11 on vacation.

4. Clueless (The Television Show)
In the late '90s every Friday night if you turned on ABC you could hear the lyrical wit of the Go-Go's guitarist Charlotte Caffey. She wrote the theme song for the show Clueless.

3. Lick the Star
This 16 millimeter black and white short is the first film Sophia Coppola ever directed. Short on plot and intrigue, Coppola at this point already knew to feature her good taste in music by including the Go-Go's "This Town."

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