Propaganda's Summer Daze Essentials for 2014

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2. Your homies... or nah
It's not a party without your crew. With so much bang for your buck, it won't be hard to convince even your most preppy friends to take a dip in the Propaganda pool. The reggae heads will get just as much out of this event as the jam kids, it's a happy marriage. But on another note, it's a good event to wander solo. Lose your friends, make new ones. Show up without your friends, and the party is still yours for the taking.

1. A tank top
Nothing says summer time festival in South Florida quite like exposed shoulders. Who needs to be confined by the prison of sleeves when your arms have so much living to do? It's outside, there's reggae music, it's balls hot, wearing sleeves would be just plain wrong. Ultimately, this decision is up to you. But damn it, if you aren't wearing flip flops, the festival gods might make you pay.

Summer Daze Day 2 featuring Lit and the People Upstairs. Saturday, July 19, at Propaganda, 6 S. J St., Lake Worth. Advance tickets are $25, $35 at door. $45 for 2-day pass. Call 561-547-7273, or visit

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6 S. J St., Lake Worth, FL

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