Jim Norton: "You Have to Go Down Swinging"

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Does it frustrate you when you see a comedian get forced into issuing an apology for a joke? It seems it's happening a lot lately and it doesn't seem too helpful in the fight against political correctness.
If you're sorry about something and you want to say you're sorry, there's nothing wrong with that. Look, it's easy for me to say don't apologize, but I don't have millions of dollars at stake like Tosh or Tracy Morgan did at those times. A lot of times it's just easier just go, "Hey, sorry," and save yourself a few million dollars. So, I can't be a liar and say that I wouldn't do it.

My problem is with the people who actually want the apology. I don't know why they feel they need that. Someone saying they're sorry to save a few million bucks -- that's just smart. You have to be an idiot to not do that. But I don't understand why people want one. Why they think it's important, I have no idea.

There's an incredible amount of honesty in your stand up, especially when you talk about yourself. What was the process like to get to that point of being so open on stage?
It was a lot of disappointing sets. And I realized that the stuff I felt the best about was the honest stuff and the personal stuff. It was unsatisfying to do the other stuff. It didn't feel good. And not that there's anything wrong with doing observational humor, but for me there was so many things in my personal life that needed to be made fun of. I just felt like a liar if I didn't address them.

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Wow I think Jim Norton might have used Rub Maps for those seedy massage parlors lol


He's done well for someone with Adorable Huggable Boy Disorder

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