Heavy Pets' Big Homecoming at Funky Biscuit's Third Anniversary Tonight: "It's a Gem!"

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For as long as I've been of concert-going age, I've been a Heavy Pets fan. You never knew what to expect at the shows -- and there were many, almost weekly performances. You could be met with sprawling jams or tight, catchy songs. The only certain thing was your dancing feet wouldn't get a break.

And because of that hard work (the group's, not yours) its notoriety in the jam community grew and grew so that now the Heavy Pets is a tour-hardened, well-rounded powerhouse. As a festival darling, it has opened for some of the biggest acts in the scene all while displaying its own unique sound.

After a long stint on the road, the Pets' homecoming involves a gig at the third anniversary party for Boca Raton's Funky Biscuit on Thursday July 24. This awesome little venue in a bit of an unlikely spot will spend the next three days in full jam, blues, and rock swing. The Biscuit has hosted many of the top jam bands in the country and has a very comforting vibe; we wish it well as it ages.

Guitarist and vocalist, Jeff Lloyd, chatted with us about what he's been up to lately, offered a bit of insight into why the band releases EPs instead of LPs, and shared some things it has in store for the near future.

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New Times: You guys are very well-traveled, and work as hard as any other band out there. What have you guys been up to the last couple weeks?
Jeff Lloyd: We just got home last week, from a little two week run. We did three Phish after-parties, we also made out way to Rochester, NY, and then to Canada for the very first time to play the Illumination Festival, which we headlined on a Friday.

Then that Saturday, we headlined a pretty bangin' festival in Central Pennsylvania called the Luna Light Festival with some good friends of ours. Lettuce played right after us, Jimkata, Greenhouse Lounge, and Consider the Source. It was a fantastic festival, we had a lot of fun. Then we played a private party on Sunday, then came back to Florida.

The Heavy Pets have been a band for almost nine years now, and you guys got your start down here knocking out show after show, and now, you're playing festivals all over the country, getting a lot of press, and airplay on XM radio. How does it feel to achieve this level of popularity?
It's been fantastic! It certainly wasn't a straight line, a lot of ups and downs, as with anything you do for a period of time. As of right now, we're on a major upswing which is fantastic and it's a great feeling. I think that this point in our careers we're all pretty grateful to still be doing this, especially at the level we're doing. We're just real happy to still be doing this, to be playing music with our friends, driving around seeing new places, and meeting new people. It's a beautiful experience. We're going to be hitting a thousand shows sometime real soon.

This past year, you have released two EPs, Two Horses and Rags and Aces, and you also have plans to release a third before the year is up. What was the planning behind this? The benefits?
There have been so many little benefits, and we're finding more. When we talk to other bands, they're like, "Oh, man! That's awesome! If you don't mind, we're going to do that too."

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The Funky Biscuit

303 SE Mizner Blvd., Boca Raton, FL

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