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Hank Williams III, or Hank 3 as he's known is a bit of an anomaly. The iconic country legend's grandson and the son of a junior who's been part of America's consciousness whether they know it or not; Hank 3's never been a comfort-fit in them skins. No. On the contrary, he's not only forged ahead on the merits of his own talents, he's also done so without having to rely too heavily on the pedigree of his name.

Equally comfortable on a country drawl as he is fuckstarting some shit up with a metal/punk rock set. Hank 3 is a true performer. Now in his early forties, this enfant terrible of American rock and roll is not slowing down at all. He recognizes that he has fans who are drawn to him for a variety of reasons.

We've all been to many concerts where we have felt jibbed. Not at a Hank 3 gig. Oh no. As we had the pleasure of discussing, Hank goes on stage on time and rocks out for a minimum of four hours each night. That's way more freaking bang for your buck so make sure you shake his hand gently and stay on until the very end.

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"Dick in Dixie"

New Times: Let's talk about this tour, you're looking at what, like three hours on stage every night?
Hank Williams III: It depends, if we have curfews or not. The majority of the last tour was about four hours with the longest one going for four hours and 52 minutes. It kinda just depends, some bars are open until two a.m. and some want us out by midnight. I factor in the meet and greet into all that with the fans so all in all, the fans always get two hours worth of a country show and then we go off into the hellbilly sounds, some of the doom, and in the end, it is four different bands for the folks who stick around and watch the whole show.

And you're on stage the whole time.
Four hours, I know I'm not getting any younger, but I've had a history of playing long shows but as far as the energy I'm putting out there and the different types of music, we'll just have to see how long I'll be able to keep doing it. I gotta do it while I can. I've got the rest of my life to only play an hour and a half and to do a different kind of show. Right now, my personal goal is to do these four hour shows with the four different genres and hit every market that we didn't get to hit last year.

Any kind of training you do to keep yourself fluid?
Yeah, I mean there's a lot of stretching and mental preparation for it. You gotta get used to the heat, the fatigue... Some of these bars get hot, up there in the 100, 120 degrees for that long of time, and I'm walking around in a wool or dark mechanic's shirt getting my body used to the heat. Unfortunately, as I'm getting older, some of my injuries are showing up a little more. This I the first time that my right shoulders's acting up when it's usually my left shoulder that gives me trouble. My dominant arm, my main rhythm arm is beginning to show some signs of weakness so I just do what I have to do like acupuncture and massage and some of the tricks the sports guys use so I can keep it going.

I'm shaking a couple of thousand hands and I try using that kung fu shake, I've got pins in there and sometimes people shake like they're trying to rip your hand off but you know man, I just try and keep up with the energy and the injuries and still put on the best show that I can because no matter what, I'll go out there and put it on the line 150% every time. It's like getting into a boxing ring in a different kind of way.

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