Dave Matthews Band's Soundtrack to Your Life

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2. "Gravedigger"
Shit got real, when you realized that you weren't as invincible as you thought you were. This happened with your first real loss -- the friend who partied too hard, your grandma passing, finding out someone you love got cancer. You learned you wouldn't live forever. When Dave started crooning about a gravedigger who would dig his grave shallow so he could feel the rain, you understood perfectly what he meant.

1. "Mercy"
Way before John Mayer brought about "Waiting on the World to Change," Dave sang "Mercy." It takes you back to that humanist phase you went through in college. Maybe you've gotten way too cynical for that by now or maybe you're still going at it. But when you first got inspired and really felt like you could change the world by volunteering for beach clean-ups or signing up for Gandhi Day at your university, this song was your anthem.

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