Dave Matthews Band's Soundtrack to Your Life

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5. "Space Between"
Remember that on and off again relationship you were in? The one that went on for years and years with that person who almost never let you get over them? One minute you were throwing hamburgers at each other in a Wendy's parking lot and the next minute you were making out? Then it started all over again. Depending on your perspective, you might have wasted a hell of a lot of time with this one. But this song is all about those moments in between the fighting when you thought you loved them.

4. "When the World Ends"
This tune takes us back to feeling invincible and being truly, madly, deeply in love. Like the first time you went bonkers for another person in college. You were so sure they were "the one" that nothing could ever bring you down, not even the end of the world.

3. "Satellite"
There's no denying that almost every DMB song is bound to sound a little better when your stoner pal Mary Jane is chillin' with you. But this one in particular kind of brings to mind the first time you first encountered her deliciously stinky green-ness. You felt like a satellite high up in the sky.

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