ArtServe's RedEYE Reboot Stimulated Fort Lauderdale in Every Sense

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Monica McGivern

In another room, artist Erin Bassett talked to attendees about the process of creating her installation which looked like an aquatic daydream. She explained it was actually photos of flowers and actual pieces of the installation itself. Essentially, she created the installation as she went along, photographing certain portions of the work, manipulating it, photographing it again, etc. Totally meta.

ArtServe even managed to drum up some short films and documentaries for the movie buffs, as well as a room dedicated to spoken word, for those who think in slam poetry.

South Florida's own Todd the Painter was unfortunately in a VIP "Art Pop Lounge" which essentially meant that you had to buy a VIP ticket in order to see his live art. While it is a crying shame that people couldn't access certain works due to different paid tiers, we recognize VIP tickets as a necessary evil for some events. Just maybe not this event.

Monica McGivern

Unless you stayed for the full four hours, it was impossible to see everything at RedEYE Reboot. There was simply too much going on. Thankfully, the exhibition stays up and is open to the public until August 15. Whether the night was too ambitious or not is irrelevant. The point is that RedEYE again provided the South Florida scene some much needed stimulation that wasn't just taking place in the smokey caverns of a bar or club.

"We really need more than just bars and parties," Erin, an actress from one of the short films, told us. "Creative people need more options."

Personally, we liked that the night was ambitious -- South Florida needs more chutzpah.

The RedEYE Reboot exhibit is open to the public until August 15. ArtServe is located at 1350 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale. Visit for hours.

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1350 E. Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL

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