Unit 1 Sessions: Jacques de Beaufort's Lake Worth Gallery Gets Musical

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The one near-disaster involved the sound guy, Killmama's Rob Kingsley of Reel Tone Recordings. The day after the shoot, he posted on Facebook, "I'm the most unlucky guy in the world." He messaged de Beaufort his tale of woe. "He was taking the bus to work, and all the Sessions recordings were on his laptop, which was in his backpack, and he got off the bus and started biking. It wasn't for like five minutes that he noticed he didn't have his backpack. He chased down this bus for 30 minutes, and luckily someone had given it to the bus driver. The video would have meant nothing without the audio." Seems he was the luckiest dude on Earth.

Some of the bands de Beaufort hadn't known till they showed up for the Sessions shoot. One that he now loves is Ketchy Shuby. "Jason is a fucking riot. My mom has a crush on him." He also is a big fan of Mykal Morrison, who many know as the door guy at Propaganda. "He's got an amazing voice," the artist gushed.

Ketchy Shuby

These acts are doing this for no pay, but they're getting free, highly produced videos. If they're great live, they've hit the jackpot with Sessions. "Our job was just not to fuck it up, not fuck up the camera angles, not fuck up the audio. Create a situation where the band could really amplify how great they are," de Beaufort explains. He creates a new scene every time, with good lighting, and tries to make the bands comfortable.

He'll release the first of the summer series this week and follow up by putting others on Unit 1 and Sessions' Facebook pages throughout the season. We'll be showcasing the first one on County Grind.

Also check out Southern Exposure: New Work Now, with Jacques de Beaufort and Nichole Hickey, at Cultural Council, 601 Lake Ave., Lake Worth, until August 16. Visit the Facebook page.

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