TuffGnarl.com on Online Publishing and World Domination

Richard Buznego, style/fashion writer and male model.

How similar/dissimilar is Tuff Gnarl to your past experiences in publishing?
Jesse Scheckner: Every other outlet I currently contribute to has me nailed down in one particular role, whether it's music, film, politics, mixed martial arts, or the local print news work I do. With Tuff Gnarl, I can generally move in and out of different areas that interest me, which keeps me - and everyone else who works at the site - from getting bored with any one specific subject matter.

What sets Tuff Gnarl apart from those other publications?
Jesse Scheckner: Part of it is the unique mixture of those individually interesting and complex areas of interest: art, film, comics, music, fashion, politics, international sports, and the coverage of events related to those all of those fields.

Although the spectrum of the things that we cover varies in terms of widespread popularity, we without a doubt are true to our slogan, "A Community of Writers Uncovering Pop Culture's Hidden Gems." So even though we occasionally do write-ups on big blockbusters like Spiderman 2, we make a purposeful effort to shed a light on lesser-known and talked about though equally as noteworthy areas of interest such as the student protests in Venezuela back in February, disabled mouth artist Larime Taylor's fantastically dark indie comic A Voice in the Dark, research into how access to the internet can pull people out of poverty, rising MMA World Series of Fighting heavyweight Derrick Mehmen's quest for the title, a $50 blazer company called The Blazer Bros, and mind-bending self-published sci-fi like Gray Kane's insane novel, Psychic Steampunk Parade.

Chuck also does a regular podcast through the site, often co-hosted by Rob Zimmerman, in which he plays a lot of the crazy tunes he gets ahold of. Essentially, people who stop by the site will get something new every single day, and it'll always be interesting, well-written and different from what came out the day before.

Give us an idea of the current contributors staffing the content in the website.
Chuck Livid: We currently have seven staff writers at the moment. Everyone volunteers their talents to the site. As an atheist, I feel weird saying this, but it's the truth, I'm really blessed to have every single member of my staff believe enough in my vision that they take time away from their families, paying jobs, and whatever other life situations they might find themselves in. They not only produce thoughtful and insightful articles, but they're thorough and professional. Any startup would kill for a staff like Tuff Gnarl's. I never take them for granted, and I love every single one of them as if they were my own family.

Rob Zimmerman's had some pieces in which his active-duty service seems like an asset, as one of your first contributors, how did you two come across each other?
Chuck Livid: Zimmerman went to high school with my wife, Helena Garcia, in Boca Raton. I met him at some outing we went to a few years ago. Rob is a real American hero. He served two tours in Iraq in the Army. He's also one of the smartest, well-read, and to-the-point individuals I've ever met. His writing is bar none. He's basically Delray Beach's answer to Jesse Scheckner but with military training.

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