Ten Most Annoying Drunk Dudes You Meet at a Bar

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Illustrations by Serena Dominguez

2. The Nonstop Selfies Dude
This one is all about social media and bragging to everyone about how much of a good time he's having at the bar. The more he drinks, the more his iPhone comes out. It's picture after picture after picture of him with this babe and that babe... We get it, dude: You're a ladies' man. You're having a blast. No need to ram that point down our throats.

Illustrations by Serena Dominguez

1. Verbal Diarrhea Man
The problem with Verbal Diarrhea Man is that you will never be able to identify him until you realize you just wasted 20 minutes of your life listening to a story that had no point whatsoever. His stories never end up going anywhere interesting. His jokes never really have an LOL punchline. This man does not shut up, and he just loves the sound of his own voice.

He is sometimes besties with Smug-Name-Dropper too, and together the two make for a nauseating combo. Life is too precious to spend time with these self-aggrandizing, time-consuming, superannoying dunderheads.

Use earplugs if necessary.

Serena Dominguez is a freelance illustrator living in Miami. Visit serenadominguez.com.

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