Ten Most Annoying Drunk Dudes You Meet at a Bar

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Illustrations by Serena Dominguez

4. The C'mon Take Shot-Shot-Shots With Me Guy
This guy is the living embodiment of that LMFAO song featuring Lil Jon. Sure, he's a bit of a party-starter, but it's all a bit too much. Hanging with this chap will lead to one of the worst hangovers of your life. A shot of Patrón always sounds like a good idea at first, but follow that with 20 more and before you know it, you'll be in deep blackout zone.

Say no to the shot.

Illustrations by Serena Dominguez

3. Mr. Slippery Fingers
Keep a good handle on your sour apple martini, because if you are hanging with Slippery Fingers here, it's going to soon be spilled all over your new Anthro dress. This man is sloppy, and his elbows have a tendency to jerk every which way. Bottles of craft beer don't stand a chance versus this man. The last Sierra Nevada Pale Ale he just bought you, yeah, it slid right through his fingertips and burst all over the floor. Bartenders hate him.

Don't let your blouse be his next victim.

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