Ten Alternative Spaces for Live Music in South Florida

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2. Coral Castle
What's up with this place, anyway? Are these stone figures even pretty? We can't tell. If there's one thing Edward Leedskalnin's sculptures are, is interesting. A cluttered garden of carved coral, Coral Castle provides for some outlandish negative space that could host a unique vibe for a concert.

Picture sitting atop the curve of a large porous sculpture, watching the latest and greatest of the South Florida scene spill their hearts out, surrounded by arches and canopies of dried up marine life. Could be weird, could be awesome.

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1. The Abandoned Plantation Fashion Mall
What used to be a bustling area of commerce, the Plantation Fashion Mall, now sits quietly, waiting to be transformed into some other consumer's fantasy. Imagine sneaking into the vacant three story mall, with its wide halls and open spaces, for a one-of-a-kind concert. The acoustics would probably be insane. Sounds bouncing off the stained and empty walls, walking where hundreds used to flock to shop. It'd be show to remember.

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Space Mountain is not in North Miami, it's in Little River.


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Gabe Yunes
Gabe Yunes

for the last 2 weeks ive been saying for people to throw shows at el palacio de los jugos because of the lack of venues. watching your favorite locals while eating chicharron with un batido. can't beat that. palacio de los jugos should've been the #1 choice lmaoooo

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