Ten Alternative Spaces for Live Music in South Florida

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And the fantasy spots:


6. The Swap Shop Drive-in
There's just something about the vast, open space of the drive-in that seems perfect for the craziest of punk shows. All that room to move, it'd feel like a festival outing at every single gathering.

And that screen? Imagine artists projecting visuals while bands played below? Just imagine the lengths one could go with a show at a place like that. One thing's for sure, we wouldn't run out of parking.


5. Villa Paula Mansion
Located in the heart of Little Haiti, the Villa Paula Mansion is considered one of the most haunted places in South Florida. Built in 1925, it housed the first Cuban Consulate in Miami, Don Domingo Milord, and his wife, Paula, who later died in the home because of complications due to a leg amputation.

When Cliff Ensor purchased the home in 1974 -- after it had been transformed into a shelter for drifters and later an old folks home -- he noticed he was not completely alone. Dun, dun, dun! Frequent knocking on doors, the untraceable smell of Cuban coffee, doors slamming shut, mysterious shadows creeping, and the consecutive killing of three pet cats made the Villa Paula Mansion an intriguing, albeit eerie, place. The creaking of floorboards within its stark white walls, the chance of seeing the flicker of a ghost? Sounds perfect for a metal show to us.

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Space Mountain is not in North Miami, it's in Little River.


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Gabe Yunes
Gabe Yunes

for the last 2 weeks ive been saying for people to throw shows at el palacio de los jugos because of the lack of venues. watching your favorite locals while eating chicharron with un batido. can't beat that. palacio de los jugos should've been the #1 choice lmaoooo

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