Ten Alternative Spaces for Live Music in South Florida

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8. Space Mountain
Like Art on the Edge Gallery, Space Mountain is also a haven for art, poetry, and music. Located in North Miami, it's already being dubbed the "new Churchill's." With Kenny Millions officially moving his Be Creative or Die series to its hall, Space Mountain is creating a safe space for all sorts of experimentation.

We've seen some turbulent and truly wild shows there, featuring bands like Snakehole and Shitstorm, and Space Mountain has its own vibe unlike any other venue in South Florida. It's bound to grow, and into something greater, we thinks, very, very soon. They're even hosting a "wake" for Churchill's this Friday night.

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7. CD Trader in Hollywood
If you haven't stopped by CD Trader lately, you need to change that soon. CD Trader rocks. It's a spot where you can get, obviously, quality CDs, DVDs, and video games without breaking the bank. We've picked up some great albums for embarrassingly low prices, from the Pogues and Billy Bragg, to the Breeders and The Lost Boys soundtrack.

It can get pretty busy too, so why not bring the party to Hollywood, an area that seems a little left out when it comes to local shows? Of course space is limited, but there's something particularly counterculture about pulling up to the plaza that holds Publix, Ross, and L.A. Fitness to see some punk music. Like, fuck corporate, dude.

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Space Mountain is not in North Miami, it's in Little River.


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Gabe Yunes
Gabe Yunes

for the last 2 weeks ive been saying for people to throw shows at el palacio de los jugos because of the lack of venues. watching your favorite locals while eating chicharron with un batido. can't beat that. palacio de los jugos should've been the #1 choice lmaoooo

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