Six Recording Studios to Check Out in Broward County

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From the studio's website.

4. CT Music Studios
CT Music Studios in Sunrise has worked with artists like Michael Sembello, Talib Kweli, and Brisco. This might not be the shop for the young guns, but seasoned locals could definitely take advantage of this type of setting to get themselves primed for the big time. Mixtape and singles packages range from $150 to $1,500 depending on your engineering concierge, with album-length work open for negotiation or at least a chance to block out a deal. If the types of artists these guys have dealt with are in your veins, we'd recommend them regardless of you or your group's experience.

From Pillar's Facebook page.

3. Pillar Records Studios
Pillar in Pompano Beach caters to the punk, hardcore, and ska scenes. As some of these operations tend to go, the atmosphere is a little more casual and though not less professional, there might be some room for negotiating, so if you're ready to get your shit together and cut a seven-inch that's worth some rank between some Ebullution or early Dischord releases, this might be the place to go. Calling for rates is encouraged. This would be our go-to joint for new bands trying to get a taste of the recording process and would encourage all types to inquire, cuz what could be more punk rock than that? Though pillar means to catch in the act or run over in Español, they seem legit.

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