Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton Womance Around Campaign Song "Roar"

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We all know Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for prez again no matter what she isn't saying.

This weekend, someone totally showed me a pic of Katy Perry and HillC on Instagram, I thought, "Well, that makes sense." Perry's a dem who once told GQ she won Wisconsin for the current commander-in-chief -- because that happened, riiiight.

After hitting up a Clinton book signing, Perry posted her photo with future President Clinton on Instagram and Twitter, mentioning she'd offered to write her campaign song (or "theme" song, as she called it).

Finally, yesterday, Hillary tweeted back! The former FLOTUS totally pulls off a DJ Khaled-level of self-hype by plugging her book Hard Choices in the following tweet. Hats off to Hills for getting it all in there in under 140 characters.

Here's CNN's coverage:

And in case you haven't heard "Roar" -- because you hate KP or because you're scared of FM radio -- here's the tune.

Catch Katy Perry at 7:30 p.m., on July 2, at BB&T Center, 1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise. Visit thebbtcenter.com.

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Richard Snyder
Richard Snyder

I want Katy Perry to shoot her fireball tits at her opponents in all the debates. Great President or greatest President?

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