Island Bass Saturdays at PRL: "Not Your Cookie-Cutter EDM"

Courtesy DJ Juan Luv
Get your Island Bass on with Juan Luv at PRL Euro Cafe.

Crank up the bass and party like you're smack in the heart of the Caribbean at Island Bass Saturdays at PRL Euro Lounge.

The monthly fête is a "fusion and celebration of the global bass movement" where DJs Juan Luv, Jared Cole, Mello T, and surprise guests spin serious hits of moombahton, zouk bass, kuduro, and other uhntz-uhntz vibes from the islands.

"It's pretty much the whole global bass movement and keeping it alive," explains DJ Juan Luv, the man behind the bash.

"We did it because we just love the music so much and wanted to bring something different to the table," he adds.

"It's not your typical cookie-cutter EDM stuff. This is more passion driven than anything else."

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Saturday marks the second Island Bass party at the Hollywood drinking den. The idea, however, has been brewing for several years.

"We strongly believe in moombahton and the whole global bass theme," Luv admits. "Jared Cole, Happy Colors, and myself, we contemplated doing a moombah party, but we needed to marry other concepts into it. So we brought in Mello T who has a calypso mixing style."

"PRL opened its doors and said we could do whatever we want there. We also thought it was a great location because of the Caribbean influence in the area."

And long behold, Island Bass was born.

Location Info


PRL Euro Cafe

1904A Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, FL

Category: Music

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