Front Bottoms' Brian Sella: Our Music Is "a Funny Joke"

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Mark Jaworski
The Front Bottoms get to the bottom of it all by being up front! (or something like that)
Pardon the pun, but when you name your band the Front Bottoms, you're leaving yourself open to become the butt of many jokes. Fortunately though, hewing to the norm has never been a major concern for Front Bottoms singer, songwriter, and guitarist Brian Sella or drummer and bandmate Matthew Uychich. With four albums -- two of them released independently -- and a like number of EPs, the duo has shown a penchant for not taking themselves too seriously. Theirs is a steady, stream of consciousness blend of teen angst and attitude in equal measure, a kind of off-handed exuberance tailor-made for even the testiest audiences.

Childhood pals, Sella and Uychich formed the band in 2007, convincing Uychich's brother Brian to join them on keyboards. They gigged steadily around their native New Jersey for the next few years, holding down day jobs, recording when they could, building a homegrown following. In 2010, Brian opted to leave the band, and a year later they were signed to indie label Bar/None which released their eponymous third album, its successor Talon of the Hawk, and now, their new EP, Rose, due for release later this month.

We recently caught up with Front Bottom Brian Sella and asked him to help us probe the band's curious MO.

New Times: We can speculate on our own, but we feel obligated to ask anyway -- where did the name Front Bottoms come from?
Brian Sella: The name came from a movie called Sexy Beast. I had never heard the term before, and I thought it would make a funny band name, so I called Mat and told him we had to start a band!

Your music seems to have a lot of teen angst -- and your lyrics that almost seem like they were borne from a stream of conscious. So where does this angst come from? Is it part of any kind of past or current personal experiences, or are you trying to emulate the same emotional state as the audience you're singing to? 
Both and all.

But more specifically, where do these scenarios you sing about come from?
They come from my life, and people I overhear talking on the street.

Who writes what?
I write the lyrics and the skeletons of the songs... Just like a framework of things that may end up either being cool or not being cool. Then I'll take them to Mat and the band and we'll work on them. We then come up with more ideas, see how they sound after a little, and either throw them away or keep playing them.

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