Art on the Edge Gallery Brings the Experimental Out in Fort Lauderdale

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This week, a classic Churchill's Pub lineup is moving north to Fort Lauderdale. Though the Little Haiti bar remains open under new ownership, it's not clear whether the folks now in charge will keep up with the experimental movement that's been burgeoning there for the past 30 years. Luckily, Art on the Edge Gallery, owned by Pamela Anne Nolan, is offering a venue for some not-so-mainstream acts.

This Saturday, during the closing night of former the Front frontman Gregory McLaughlin's exhibition, fellow musical stalwarts will present a rowdy audio assault. While old-school punk duo Shark Valley Sisters (Rob Elba of Holy Terrors and Fausto Figuerdo of Load) sonically launched the art show, those that close it out will also include local heavy hitters. Jazzy Leo Casino will join Rat Bastard as a guest with Laundry Room Squelchers; there will also be spoken word and strange sounds by Xela Zaid, the surfy rock of Jellyfish Brothers, and iPad creations by Adam Matza.

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Just a few weeks back, Matza took over a night of Top Hat showcase at Deerfield Beach's American Rock Bar with a loud and perfectly weird lineup. "Greg [McLaughlin] wants to bring musicians, artists, and poets together -- some of the better experimental musicians in South Florida -- and expose them to a Broward County audience," explains Matza.

He is hopeful that there will be more original and daring nights north of the 305. "I think this show is the continuation of exposing a wider range of people to experimental music art forms in its many incarnations... Broward desperately needs these types of events." And the goal of listening to performances that are so not normal? It's to, Matza says, "really expand the boundaries of what's possible."

Fort Lauderdale will be wholly assaulted by these vast talents, and as he points out, "The lifeblood of any original music scene is experimental music." Amen to that. Get that life force flowing after some major local losses and shifts. We need all the creative juice we can get.

Art, Music, Spoken Word, Noise, and You with Rosalia Curbelo, Xela Zaid, Adam Matza, Jellyfish Brothers, Laundry Room Squelchers, Leo Casino, and DJ Skidmark. 8 p.m. Saturday, June 7, at Art on the Edge, 19 NW 17th St., Fort Lauderdale. No cover. Call 954-470-6588, or visit

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so which is the correct address?  19 NW 17th St., Fort Lauderdale or 3076 NE 12th Terrace, Oakland Park, FL


19 NW 17th St., Fort Lauderdale.

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