7 "Cool Dad" Things to Do This Weekend

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Father's Day is this weekend, and we can't ignore one obvious fact: Moms are so much easier to shop for. With stores pushing handyman products and fishing gear in your face, it's frustrating because hey, not all fathers are into repairing stuff or sitting on a boat all day holding a still rod. Some dads are, well, cool.

So, for all you with different dads out there, we conducted extensive research (a.k.a. Facebook stalked) to find out what fun, cheap things are happening in BroCo and West Palm this weekend. Sons and daughters, take note. Maybe your type of pops is on this list. And remember: Put down the socks. He's got enough.

Broward New Times

1. Tattoo Dad
All day. Friday, June 13. True Love Tattoo Studio. 1400 N. State Road 7, Margate. Visit Facebook.
You want to show your dad you forever care about him, and what better way than with a $13, Friday the 13th tattoo? Both you and pops can get matching ones from a template of already drawn tats, making the decision process even easier for you guys. Just make sure you're down with "forever" -- nothing is scarier than a permanent piece of ink you hate, aside from perhaps Jason Voorhees himself.

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2. Dad of Darkness
Black Friday with DJs Deadhead, LinderSMASH, and Lorenzo DjKaos Fernandez. 10 p.m., Friday, June 13. Bar Stache 1920's Drinking Den, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. 21+ only. Visit Facebook.
Tell daddy to trade in his pastel polos and work pants for some killer black duds (bonus points for piercings and weirdly coiffed hair). Stache's Black Friday celebrates Friday, June 13 with DJ Deadhead, whose description on the interweb sates that he is "supplying you with the perfect soundtrack for your funeral." It's not every day that Stache brings that much darkness, so if you have a dad who favors night over day, this is the Father's Day party for you all.

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