Ten Things You Feel at a Morrissey Concert

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George Martinez

6. Confusion
The crowd was about 90 percent the best people in the tricounty area and 10 percent the worst. Examples of both include maybe even me. I really wanted to get close to the stage, just like everyone else, and there were other people closing in a bit. Everything should have been civil; it's a concert, for Christ's sake. But there were a few grouches ready to rip a jugular at any sign of losing their ground. I went to say hello to friends nearer the stage and apparently stepped too close to one couple's seats only to be met with foaming maws wagging with hateful words. I mean, chill; I don't want your seat. I just want to touch Morrissey.

5. Joy
And I did! Only his foot, but still, it's Morrissey's foot! A few folks successfully rushed the stage and one by one were picked off Moz and flung aside into the crowd like fleas off flesh. He was nice about it, though, stopping to shake hands before those brave people were cast back with the plebes, smiles on their faces.

Liz Tracy

4. Lust and longing
This is what drove the superfans to the stage. The desire to be close to him is very strong when you're in his presence.

3. Blissful happiness and sadness at the same time
Though the set list didn't include much of the familiar older Moz or Smiths tunes, two standout classics included personal high school favorites "Yes, I Am Blind" and "Hand in Glove." And the thing is, though those two sad songs also fill you with all the intense pains of growing into an adult and the sadness of dead lambs, they also truly make you feel connected. You are not alone in the world with all your weird emotions. Nope, the Pope of Mope's lyrics let you know that there is a whole universe of sadness out there, and there's so much beauty in that. This little emotional combo is, of course, his bread and butter.

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