Ten Things You Feel at a Morrissey Concert

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George Martinez

A Morrissey concert is a particularly emotional experience for everyone. From the most rabid Smiths-loathing, beef-loving haters to the people who still buy Morrissey's new albums and weep openly at the shows all over Moz tour T's, the crowd is a hotbed for feelings.

Last Saturday night at the Arsht Center, Moz immediately drew a sold-out crowd to its feet and had them singing along by song one: the Smiths' "How Soon Is Now?" But it was before the familiar tune blared that so many things were being felt by black-clad friends buzzing around the lobby of the building. And even prior to that, when many had trouble sleeping the night before, planning out the next evening, the one when they would be in the presence of true brilliance.

Emotions are why you go to see Morrissey live. Here are ten you've probably felt at one of his concerts.

George Martinez

10. Anticipation
As we just mentioned, a lot of going to see Morrissey live involves the building-up of expectations.

There's some remembering of the first time you saw Moz live and pondering with pals on whether this time would match up. My first Morrissey show was at Jackie Gleason (now the Fillmore on Miami Beach) in 2004, and, to be honest, there was no way this would be as good as that show. He closed that one out with "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out." There were so many tears that there were even tear-covered roses strewn about his feet. It was quite magical.

9. Security
This time, sitting in the beautiful Arsht Center, though, it was hard to know what to expect. Would he even show up? In about 2007, he failed to appear on Miami Beach again, but we were all dressed and ready to go before the news was announced.

Calmness prevailed, though, on Saturday, when a Moz-curated montage of old music videos and comedy clips, projected cool, almost literally, onto the curtain of the theater. It was clear, he was in the building.

Liz Tracy

8. Doubt
When Morrissey hit the stage with his band and they started with "How Soon Is Now?" it felt a little cheap. Sure, it's a near-perfect song, but it's also the song everyone knows. "This Charming Man" would have been a better choice, just sayin'. Most people know it, and it doesn't remind them of The Craft. But either way, I had already decided that unless he performed all of Bona Drag, I would feel disappointed, at least a little.

7. Admiration
The best thing about Morrissey is probably how very Morrissey he actually still is. His face -- though older -- is still as chiseled and emotional it was in your mind as a young person crying, lonely in your bed. His gestures are still as packed with angst and grace. It's like, how could anyone be that very much of himself? Also, the man's voice has held up, and his star still shines so brightly, he's captivating.

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