Nine Things Hipsters and Hippies Have in Common

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Colin Young-Wolff

6. Mancleavage
Hirsute, hairless, chubby, or rail thin -- they all wear low V-necks. These people show entirely too much man boob. Put it away. Put your pasty dude jugs away. Thank you.

5. Drugs
This one is sort of not fair, because everyone loves drugs. But these two groups happen to be connoisseurs of marijuana, and edibles especially are in atm.

Ben Salter via Wikimedia Commons

4. Happy pigs and other free-range beasts
There's nothing that makes pigs, hippies, and hipsters more tingly with understandable self-righteousness than sustainable agriculture. Sure they all (including the pigs) occasionally subscribe to the vegan or freegan lifestyle. But the way to live guilt-free and not actually spend your whole life hungry is by knowing that the bacon you're chomping on came from a happy porcine belly, nurtured with grass, not grains.

Stian Roenning and Biagio Musacchia

3. Babe beards
A lot of these folks have beards -- that includes hippie chicks and maybe an extreme hipster lady or two. Not complaining here. Beards are good for those who can grow 'em (boys and gals, srsly). They hide parts of your face no one wants to see anyway! Keep them long, full, and well-groomed.

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