103.5 the Beat's Beat Down With Kendrick Lamar, Trey Songz - BB&T Center, Sunrise - June 12

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Sayre Berman

The crowd was large but not pushing capacity. Mr. Mauricio called out the people who were leaving either permanently or just to kill time before Kendrick Lamar's set. A sea of cell phones and twerking justified and not, I settled and basked.

Kendrick's set signified the staying power of 2013's good kid, m.A.A.d city, exemplified in the collective catharsis of "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe." As with much art that has staying power, there was a sense of oversaturation, a teasing of the desire for a follow-up record. Still, no one could help getting into it, from the concierges and stoic boyfriends to the cops on duty.

Sayre Berman

Outside, after the show, a strangely cool June air had descended, and the night ended with all of us dazed in the Sawgrass Mills parking lot, trying to remember where we parked.

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BB&T Center

1 Panther Parkway, Sunrise, FL

Category: Music

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