Ten Musical Acts from Woodstock That Still Tour

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Sayre Berman

"Never trust anyone over thirty" was the motto of the Woodstock generation.

But now, 45 years after the legendary Woodstock Music & Art Fair, we still trust many of the musicians who performed on that stage to entertain us. While those musicians might currently be self-loathing, as they are on the wrong side of thirty, here are ten acts you can still enjoy in a live venue of peace, love, and happiness, many of which have come to town recently, or are planning to soon.

10. Santana
While over the decades there have been many permutations of the band surrounding legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, the lineup featured at their May 2 show at Hard Rock provided a classic line-up close enough to those who played Woodstock with Greg Rolie at keyboards, Marcus Malone and Michael Carabello doing percussion, and Michael Shrieve on drums.

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9. Crosby, Stills, & Nash
The trio were introduced before they hit the stage as the quartet of "Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young" but since Neil Young only joined their set for a few songs, the Woodstock movie billed them as Crosby, Stills, & Nash and that was the lineup at their fantastic tour from last year.

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8. Neil Young
But even solo, the old Canadian is still going strong. He continues to crank out an album or two every year, is threatening to write another memoir, and each year hosts a benefit in the San Francisco Bay area where he and his famous friends perform to raise money for the Bridge School for special needs children.

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