SunFest 2014, Day 5: Dropkick Murphys, Blues Traveler, Streetlight Manifesto

Ian Witlen

Our last stop was Dropkick Murphys, which was down all the way from Boston. The crowd here was full of fans that were of-age and those tiny kids not yet fit for drink. It was the most crowded concert of the day, extending past the lawn area and into the street.

The first fan we spoke with, Mark, wore a green Dropkick shirt and had his son with him. He said, "This is who I'm here for. I've been listening to them for over a decade." And that's because Dropkick always brings high energy to its shows, and even two bagpipers joined the band onstage in true Irish fashion.

Ian Witlen

They played original songs, as well as covers of Irish classics like "Black Velvet Band" and "Irish Rover." In the midst of the mayhem, we were chatting up one lady about the band when we were interrupted by Sara, a fan of the super sort. "They're fucking awesome!" she enthusiastically shouted. We asked her how long she'd been into the Dropkick Murphys; she said, "I've been listening to them since the '90s. I don't know exactly; you're asking a fucking stoner."

The crowd was full of enthusiasm but remained fairly calm until the band said, "You ready to get started? Let's get 'em started!" With that, it launched into "Which Side Are You On?" Coincidentally, we noticed a mini mosh pit brewing in the front. Luckily, it was rather tame, even when the band "took a poll" to see who was from Massachusetts and brought up the Bruins game. With that, Dropkick played "Tessie," a song about the Red Sox, of course.

Ian Witlen

"We're a lucky band to be doing this for a living," lead singer Ken Casey said after a few more numbers. "Keep the kids safe and we'll be doing this for the next 20 years. This is a kids' favorite," and they launched into "Rose Tattoo."

Speaking of kids, there was a little boy on the side of the stage with a guitar that Casey was prompting him to play. "Ahh, he's been saying all week that he wanted to play in the middle, but now he's shy," he grinned. And the crowd swooned.

Ian Witlen

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